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Pets and Apartments

Updated on July 28, 2009
Quito the Chinchilla by Daveybot
Quito the Chinchilla by Daveybot

Sometime in pre-history, humans figured out how to farm for food instead of continuing the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. They learned to store this food during the non-growing season to last them through to the next crop. Soon, their little furry friends, mice and rats, discovered those stores as easy pickings. Those rodents drew the attention of small cats that became today's domestics. These cats were so treasured by the ancient Egyptians they were made into semi-gods. Humans also found they could make good, if enigmatic, companions.

Earlier, some wolves found that making friends with humans meant a meal. They could dine on the scraps left over when the local human group had plenty. The relationship developed and some wolves joined the human pack, helping with the hunting and sharing the spoils.

Today companionship is the major reason we own and adore our pets. Cats sill catch mice, and dogs still go out on the hunt. But it is keeping us company that is reason most of us want pets in our lives. The list of pets now extends far beyond cats and dogs. Even reptiles and birds take up our time and give us pleasure.

Pets also provide health benefits. People actually study this topic. The studies have found that individuals handle stress better in general when they have a pet. Some folks find their blood pressure is lower with a canine friend and companion around. And walking the dog or chasing a ferret around your house is exercise that you might now otherwise get.

However, there is no benefit to owning a pet without responsibility. It takes time and effort to take care of a pet, and it takes time and effort to make sure your pet does not intrude on the rights of others. Our pets should not annoy our family members, our neighbors and certainly not our landlords.

Pets can be especially a problem for those of us who live in an apartment. They can damage the place. They can be noisy, and they give off rather unpleasant odors. As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to make sure that you take care of these issues. Make sure you cat does not scratch up your place. You dog needs exercise or it can do serious damage to an apartment. Obviously, you need to take care of the hygiene issues of all pets.

Since these are all things a pet owner must manage, sometimes it is easier for the owner to grab that pet companionship with smaller pets than cats or dogs. Three smaller mammals can be great pets. Responsible pet owners might choose a ferret, sugar glider, or chinchilla. Each has its own special needs too, so if you decide this is the way to go, make sure you learn all about this little furry creatures.

And if you rent, make sure you know and abide by your landlords pet rules. If you do, you, your pets, and your landlord will all be happier in the end.


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