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Picking out Bad Breeders

Updated on February 22, 2010

How to Pick Them Out


How to tell a Bad Breeder when you see one.

  • Sells males less then females.
  • Sells show quality dogs, but they don't show?
  • Sells any puppy with full registration, regardless of health.
  • Breeding stock which has came from, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, etc.
  •  No good Breeder sells to a Broker
  • Brokers puppies from Eastern European Puppy Mills.
  • Does not have verifiable health clearances.
  • Will not give you proof of healthy breeding lines.
  • Will not show you parents.
  • Will not sign any documentation.
  • They claim the dogs have healthier European lines.
  • They have parents that have been bred before a year old, and have been bred every heat cycle.
  • If the breeder doesn't follow up on previous litters.
  • They claim to have a USDA license,this is a puppy factory.
  • They have a AKC inspection. All AKC breeders have inspections, this is nothing special.
  • The breeder wants to hand deliver the puppy. This means they don't want you to come to their facilities.
  • A crafty way to scam a buyer is to make pretty and colorful websites.
  • They should never require any money upfront without any paperwork.
  • Sells the dog without a contract.
  • Puppies registered with other than AKC registry. This doesn't guarantee a great breeder, but responsible Americans, use the AKC.
  • If they don't ask questions to you.
  • Has pay pal or credit card systems set up for payment.
  • "I just breed nice puppies for nice people" equals bad breeding hallmark.
  • Breeds more then one Breed.
  • Champion Bloodlines are another trick. This could mean one  dog in 64 pedigrees has won a championship. This also infers the parents are no champions.
  • Does not have a lifetime return policy.
  • They have puppies just in time for Christmas, Easter, Mothers day etc. this is a quick way to make money. do have any idea how much planning it took for them to find the dog right on time? pathetic. 

Confronting Them


How to confront your breeder, if you think they have lied or served you wrong.

If you have papers that describe the dog or have any details on the dog, try and take the matter to court. If you want to return the dog, insist on her paying for spent food and vet bills. Also remember it is the customers responsibility to see both parents. If you think you have the wrong size dog, or breed, this could be a result of buying from a puppy mill. Having a Lawyer send the breeder a letter asking for at least partial refund. You must have a valid bill of sale stating what you bought, for how much, or it will be hard to hold up in court.

Is it Worth it?

 Try to think of it this way, you got a dog or puppy. It may not of been what you exactly wanted, but you got it. You should love the dog equally, not matter what. I personally dont believe in breeders, I have always gotten a shelter dog. And since people are paying thousands of dollars for a mutt, then I maybe they should just go to the pound and get a second chance mutt for less them 200 dollars.


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