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Pirate Ship Fish Tank Ornaments

Updated on March 31, 2011

Build Your own Sunken Ship Fish Tank.

Designing the layout of your tank can be a very confusing and difficult thing to do with so many different ornaments out their. Now you can view all the pirate ship fish tank ornaments available to you for sale. These include split ships, whole ships, bubbling pirate ship ornaments, treasure chest, pirate skeletons. So much more I will show you some great ideas for your tank. These ornaments also make a great cichlid tank because of all the holes for caves it provides a natural feeling for your fish with places to hide and feel safe as well as giving your tank a sunken treasure look.

Split Pirate Ship Fish Tank Ornaments

The split pirate ship is a great idea for tanks small to large because it can take up that empty look space in a large 75 gallon tank but also is not to big for a 20 high or even a 20 long. This allows for other ornaments in between the main attraction to your tank. It's best to buy this ship from amazon on link here because it's sold as one piece most stores sell it in two pieces and they go for about $59 a piece and most the time don't have them in stock. This like I said provides a lot of spots and caves for fish who like to stay under cover and can also be used for Breeding Parrot Cichlids

Pirate Ship Ornaments

The split pirate ship not tickle your fancy then you can try the single piece ship. A whole pirate ship in your tank. The single ship is great for that bottom of the ocean look or if you want multiple ships in you tank. This can be fun in a large tank because there are unlimited ideas and pirate ship fish tank ornament ideas. You have selections from flag ships, to ghost shrimps to just plain old treasure runner ships that will make your tank look amazing no matte what you choose. These ornaments are great for kids who love pirates.

Skull Ornaments

After you have purchased the ships or not interested in the ships then their are tons of pirate ideas for fish tanks ornaments. Here are a bunch that I could find. If you like skulls then you will love these ornaments. Their are skull caves, that one is my favorite because my parrot cichlids have a nest in there and it looks so cool.

Always stay away from the cloth ships that have a cloth sail on it because once algae sets into it it doesn't come out. The only way to is to bleach it. This can pose a risk to your other fish if not rinsed well enough.


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    • ciaron davies profile image

      ciaron davies 6 years ago

      I agree, very cool!

    • caninecrtitics profile image

      caninecrtitics 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thank you i thought so to.

    • SydFletcher profile image

      SydFletcher 7 years ago from Slovenia

      This is cool :)