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Pit Bull Nation: Why We Stand Together

Updated on April 16, 2012

What is Pit Bull Nation?

With all the hype that goes along with name "pit bull" many people think that Pit Bull Nation is a gang, or group that promotes the use of American Pit Bull Terriers for illegal purposes. It is quite the opposite! The term Pit Bull Nation has been seen and heard being thrown around a lot these days, but one thing that stays universal is that groups and people who use the phrase all stand for pit bulls everywhere. Pits get a bad name from the media hype but true, proud, knowledgeable owners know that pit bulls, like all dogs, just want love and affection. Many of those owners are proud to say they are part of Pit Bull Nation.

American Pit Bull Terriers are the perfect example of the true American dog, they are loyal without fail, they love you no matter what, they will work if needed, they will protect you at all cost, they serve our police, fire departments, medical personnel and disabled Americans every day. However, 5% of American Pit Bull Terriers will make the news in a bad way, they are the ones that attack, or seem dangerous. While, 11% of Chihuahuas will attack but they will never make national headlines, they will never be put on trial. Size matters in this country and our pets get a bad name from it.

With all the media and personal opinions being thrown around in society today about Pit Bulls the level of fear is growing towards these dogs. When searching day and night for scientific facts on their danger, however, we find that science doesn't back up the masses thoughts. The simple explanation is that news outlets are playing on mass hysteria and using fear to drive a baseless campaign. Thanks to headlines now we are seeing insurance companies, medical offices and cities denying access to people because of their pets. Many families effected by these groups have proudly stated that they are part of, or are in support of the Pit Bull Nation ideas.

Today we see more and more Breed Specific Legislature (BSL) around the country and from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the AVA (American Veterinary Association) there are no legal or scientific facts to base the BSL laws on. The statistics that have been released in recent years do show an up trend in bite and aggression in smaller dogs, particularly in "purse dogs," dogs that are small and compact. These facts are often left out of media pieces and news segments.

Pit Bull Nation: We stand together to fight for the rights of our family members, those with two legs and those with four. Our dogs, they are part of our families, they are part of our lives and we will defend their freedoms. To sit by and watch as unfounded fear imprisons our companions is not an option, it is not what we do. We will fight, we will educate and we will live with our Pit Bulls, not in fear but in harmony. We stand for what's right and what's fair. Our dogs are no more a threat then small designer dogs are a threat. Their size should not determine their danger.


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    • heavenbound5511 profile image


      6 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Awesome page- I have a pitbull and have had a few in the past and they are the greatest dogs I have ever owned.

      I have found that they are willing to do anything to give these dogs a bad rep- even strait out lying and twisting the stories to something it is not. Even Pita The animals right organization can't or won't do anything when it comes to pitbulls being shot on site for no good reason. Because it is such a huge problem. 1 out of 6 pitbulls in the USA get a home the statics show. The owners of the pitbulls that have made them agressive should be charged as if they did the act themselves-that they taught there dog.

      I had 1 pitbull named Meshaq and the city I lived in was gunning for them trying every way to ban them- it failed but they killed my non-agressive pitbull in my front yard-in front of my sons.This devastated my whole family- the charges were dropped later for having vicious dog but it didn't bring him back to life.

      The whole city was in up roar because I put out a huge 6 foot by 4ft sign with picture's of the blood trials from where they pulled him out of the front yard to across the street to make them look innocent. They even held a city meeting about changing the laws of signs in our yards because I put the sign out. Crazy & evil what people will do to have there own heartless,evil ways!

      Thanks for sharing!


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