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Pit Bull : The Most Dangerous Dog Breed ???

Updated on December 10, 2009
Do these look "dangerous"
Do these look "dangerous"

Some Books to help you raise or face a Pit Bull

"Pit Bulls" : This is a common term which is offered to these breeds in general-

American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Brindle Bulldogs, Bull and Terrier, Bulldogs, Half and Halves, Old Family Dogs (Ireland), Pit Bull Terriers, Pit Dogs, Pit Terriers, Rebel Terrier, Staffordshire Fighting Dogs, Staffordshire Terriers, and Yankee Terriers.

Getting a APBT involves a lifetime of raised brows from all corners of society. The general notion about APBT has been formed on such rumored lies that no one really thinks well of this breed unless you are the proud owner yourself. In this article we shall discuss all good things about Pit’s. We will trace their history, their development, and their so called “dangerous” temperament. Also we will lay down some basic do’s and don’ts which will help you stay alive by not mocking a Pit Bull.

What comes with owning a Pit Bull-

  • Law headaches- Bad PR, Breeding restrictions, hefty insurance premiums , and most important more possible lawsuits.
  • State sometimes goes crazy and searched for ”ill tempered Pits”
  • Extra labor you need to put in to train them owing to simply counteract the bad public image they have. “ Train him properly If you don’t want to land up behind the bar” – Type comments
  • This one’s is genuine. Pits do not really like other animals in particular. So be careful if you have other animals like rabbits or Cats.
  • Another Genuine one is they shed like Autumn every time. This same reason my first Pit’s called Autumn.

Truth for the matter of fact is that APBT’s are one of the most easy going dog breeds in the world. People who have lost a couple of fingers or toes to them wont really support this statement but the fact my friends is that a Bull wont charge you unless-

  • · It feels threatened by your presence or acts.
  • · It feels his owner’s safety threatened by your presence or acts.
  • · (This one comes with a 100% dog bite guarantee) It feels safety of its puppies threatened by your presence or acts.

I will advise you not to test the patience of a Pit Bull and then make noise over the dangerous nature of the breed.

So why are Pit Bulls so aggressive?

I pray Whoever says so should step on the tail of a sleeping female APBT with her litter nearby. Pit Bulls are never aggressive toward humans. If we look into the breed’s history we will find that before the fights it was mandatory for the dogs owner to wash the coat of the opponent’s dog before the fight. Now its highly impossible that if Pits would be aggressive toward humans they would really tolerate a stranger washing their coat.

They are only aggressive towards other Breed or animals because they have been bred in such a manner. This behavior also can be corrected if pits are trained from puppy stage to adjust with other animals.

Biggest proof ?

How many people have you met who have been bit by a APBT? And How many people you have met who have been bit by infamous ankle biters “Chihuhuas” or other small breeds. Ratio will be like 1 to 10.

Truth About Lock Jaw ?

They say that if APBT it wont open its jaw again but will only tear out the flesh. This is pure nonsense.The truth is that the jaws of any pit breed are very week to do any of such tearing fancy stuff. Golden retriever has more powerful jaw muscles then Pit Bulls.

Why Punish the Breed?

They say punish the Deed not the Breed. if an animal is raised to fight then they will be aggressive but all of the Pit Bulls are fully capable of being family oriented if brought up that way. ANY dog can be vicious due to many factors. Inbreeding, breeding to fight, and abuse are just a few. A dog that was bred to wrestle has a probability to create fierce litter. The same dog may also produce very peaceful, very adoring brood. Inbreeding and maltreatment are more liable to produce a brutal dog of ANY breed.

So Why are Local Papers full of APBT incident's? why so bad image?

"Attacks" by small dogs usually aren't reported in the news because they don't make the same "great copy" as an "attack" by a large dog. They're not as thrilling. news on dog attacks also almost NEVER give the backdrop of the event or the full legend. Some are even disgustingly MIS-reported.

Bites by bigger dogs are disproportionately reported, because public who are bitten by larger dogs are more likely to seek health treatment. ANY dog of ANY breed can be irritated to bite. When probing dog bite figures, the breed of dog is not important; the state of affairs earlier and right away following the bite are much more significant. Any dog of any breed can be aggravated to bite. Truly risky dogs are a product of out of place socialization and/or training, not of breed.

 This Hub is dedicated to all those APBT lovers who love the 
breed for its greatness and who fight the glare of the 
society to ensure that they can live with one of the most 
easygoing canine friends. 

A Pit Bull Puppy

Well trained Pit bull


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    • profile image

      RICHARD .A.A 

      5 years ago


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      your all sick

    • profile image

      tula 456 

      8 years ago

      by the way that dog could just snap and go for you you never know

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      ohh leza i think your a good human that don't let anyone goes on his face be strong it's just a dog

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      when iwas 10 years old i had a rottwiler it was my bestfriend she was in my life and made a change on me a lot it made me happy now i am sick not like the wourd sick no it's like nothing can makes me happy like monalesa but this dog made the smile goes on me this dog stayed with me for 2 years then my dad throw it away i was soo sad and since that moment the tear was on my cheke and never goes so who have a dog please terat him good you don't know when your gonna lose it

      P.S smile to the would don't let the would change your smile

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i had a rottwiler i think the rottwiler goes after the doberman by the most and stongest dog ever they are very cute i hate pitbulles i don't know why but i don't really like them and they goes like hey want we don't change tem a lot the persent that we change them by is 30% i am a doc. so if anyone what's to ask go on and ask no mater is the quistion imbaresing haha I AM A DOG LOVERRRRRRRRR

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      @ mls...ok your logic there is way off....statisticly speaking the dog who is reportedly the most aggressive is the COLLIE...for every 1 bite by a pit a hospital will see on average 17 -20 more bite for a collie...they are just mean.....they arent good dogs to have with small kids and one story i found reports that a collie actually attacked a small child because he rolled out of bed....that was it... just rolled out of bed didn't land on the dog or your research statistics don't lie

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      while i am an animal lover, and i do believe the owner is about as 100% responsible for the dogs action. please stop bending the true facts. it is a fact a pitbull has one of the strongest jaw bite and lock capacities. its like comparing a machine gun to a single shot gun. you don't stand a chance at the attack. these facts being said. on mean and aggressive animals that have these capabilities. we need to have special insurace on pitbulls and all aggressive mean dogs. also there should be a age limit on who can walk these animals to a park. i saw a 9 year old walking a mean aggressive looking dog. if he gets loose , he could not control it.take responsibilty and know the facts before you buy a specific animal breed.

    • profile image

      APBT lover 

      8 years ago

      Well your thinking is flawed. The reason why the public doesn't hear about collies or golden retrievers and or labs is because no one in America wants to think or hear that a good ol' lab or retreiver has bitten someone. The truth is that the little dog breeds are more aggressive but they can't do as much damage as a larger dog can. Any animal big or small can be aggressive it doesn't matter the breed. The "pitbulls" that do become aggressive are the ones that tend not to be a pure breed or not registered with the UKC or AKC. The "pitbulls" that ATT am are the ones that have had fighting in there family and or are the ones as you said were confined. Confine any animal and see what happens when you just throw it food and don't introduce it to anyone or anything it will be come aggressive it doesn't matter the breed. I am a proud owner of a APBT and she is the sweeties thing in the world. She was attacked at the vets office by another dog when I was leaving(she was only 5 months old) and all she wanted to do was play with the other dog. She didn't understand why this other animal bit her (oh and by the way the other dog was a lab thank you very much). She just kept on wagging her tail. People who think like you really need to read up a little more on the breed before you start stating ignorant statements. Nothing makes for a better story than the news saying that a person was mauled by a pitbull cause who would believe that a lab or retriever would do that then everyone in would be scared to buy or own them. It's people like you with that thinking of confine the animal that makes the whole situation worse when it comes to APBT.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Your logic seems a little flawed to me. You say that the reason attacks by pit bulls are reported in the media more is that attacks by small dogs don't make the news. If that's true why don't we see reports about attacks by Collies, Golden Retreivers, Labs, etc. The reason is because most of the serious attacks are by pit bulls and rottweilers. There have been studies that prove it. The numbers are unequivocal. Pit bulls are a dangerous breed of dogs and anyone who owns one should make sure it is kept confined so that it cannot hurt anyone.

      Furthermore, its not always just the abused ones or the one who are trained to fight that attack. People say "its the owners, not the breed". That's total BS. THese dogs are dangerous. They have killed many, many kids. Its time to stop trying to deny the problem and start doing something about it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm an owner of an APBT and can say they are one of the most loving breeds out there.

      I volounteer with a pitbull rescue group, and have met numerous pitbulls and have never met one I didn't like.

      One of the most well behaved and loving pitbulls I have ever met was actually one of the most abused ones I have ever met (300 lascerations from being beaten with a chainsaw chain were treated when she was rescued) this dog had every reason to hate people yet still craves cuddles and loving.

      You want to talk about a true ambassador for the breed :)

    • Adopt-a-Dog profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka

      Ya, You are absolutely right Merriweather. We always want dogs to behave the way we want them to, Have we anytime thought about their ways of doing things. The basic idea of a successful relationship between Dogs and humans is a little understanding. Dogs have their part but we superior species lack it .

      About Dog/Child combo I am sorry what happened with your child. Its always circumstances which must be supervised not the dog to avoid such mishaps. Dogs also act as protectors for kids.

      Thanks for your interest.

    • Merriweather profile image


      9 years ago

      I think any dog can "go bad," as the saying goes. My oldest child was bitten in the face by a small mixed breed dog when he was just 18 months old. Any breed, as you say, can be aggressive under the wrong circumstances.

      Any dog/child combination can be a bad one, with no fault of either dog or child, and certainly the whole breed can't be blamed. (My sister had a Pit Bull mix who was the sweetest, mildest dog ever). With the right family situation and especially lots of love and understanding, I'm sure Pit Bulls can be fine companion animals.

    • Adopt-a-Dog profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka

      Do let me know what you feel about Pit Bulls..


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