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Are pitbulls as mean as we think?

Updated on January 6, 2013
Mean Chihuahua
Mean Chihuahua
Fighter Pit bull
Fighter Pit bull
Do you really want to ban a face like that?
Do you really want to ban a face like that?

I am by no means happy with the way today's society is demeaning pit bulls and making them out to be the most vicious, aggressive dogs on the face of the planet. On my way to work today, I heard all this garbage about how pit bulls are hardwired to be aggressive and how they cant be trusted. No dog on this earth can be trusted no matter how they are trained. Even my dogs can bite if they really wanted too! Just because idiots want to train their pit bulls to fight and be nasty doesn't mean we should ban the breed of dog, we should ban the dumba$$e$ that own them.

I was a groomer for 2 years and never came across a nasty pit bull unless you count the ones that would constantly lick you or paw at you (okay, so the nails hurt if they weren't cut). The ones that were the nasty ones were the chihuahuas!!! Try cutting their nails while they spaz out on the table, spitting, growling and trying to lunge at you. So maybe you say, they don't like their nails cut. Okay fine. How about the ones where you walk by and they try to snap at you. Maybe they might not do a lot of damage as a pit bull because they have smaller jaws and don't pack as much punch in their bite as a pit but they are still nasty.

I know there has to be a story about a pit who saved someone or did something nice but noooooooo, all you hear is how this pit mauled a little girl or bit someone. Was it because that person provoked them? Was it a pit or perhaps it was a lab mix?!?! Maybe he attacked them because someone came onto their property and it was protecting their family... You never hear anything because the pit doesn't have a voice. People constantly walk by pits as though they were the plague! It's not fair to them at all and it aggravates me because Ive known some really great pits who wouldn't hurt a fly. Ask any groomer and they will tell you the same thing, it's the little ones you have to watch out for! Shih Tzus, chihuahuas are known to be mean. I got bit by a Jack Russell and he wouldn't let go. All because I was looking for fleas on his backside. He was nice to me in the beginning but he turned. Just goes to show you that it's not only a pit bull that can turn on you but ANY dog!

Every dog has been domesticated. They weren't all like this. We, as humans, have turned the wild dog into mans best friend. So why is it that if there are other bite victims out there but dogs other than pits, why don't we hear about it? Hell, cats can be nasty too!!!!! I just don't understand and frankly, I don't want to. We make up so many dumb excuses about pits when we are the stupid ones. WE train them, WE are supposed to take care of them. It's all about US as the owner, the master of this breed. The BREED didn't do anything wrong, we did something wrong to the breed. Humans are banning them and for what? People are only going to fight another breed of dog to fight anyway!!

Lets say we ban pits from every state and they become extinct... Will the next dog they breed to fight be a Mastiff? Boxer? German Shepard? Will be ban those breeds next? Its absolutely ridiculous and should honestly be stopped. People are afraid of them for no reason at all. Maybe I didn't pick the best pic for a mean pit or a mean chihuahua. Of course you will look at both pics and be afraid of the bigger dog that can obviously do more damage to you but that's what the news and horror stories have put in our heads! We believe what we hear and not think twice about it. Just because it's on the news doesn't mean it's right! Now take a look at the other pics I posted and tell me that this is the face of an enemy or something you think we should ban for good!!! They aren't all bad, we're just too stupid to train them the right way and believe that there are sweet, loving pit bulls in this world. I don't know about you but I'm not ready to give up on this breed just yet.


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    • profile image

      Poop 24 months ago

      pittbulls really are great dogs

    • profile image

      Billy 3 years ago

      Pitbulls are great dogs if you train them right. Its not the dogs fault, its the owners fault for training the dog aggressively. This doesn't go just for pitbulls but for all dogs so stop hating on pitbulls.

    • profile image

      Marissa 5 years ago

      Yuuuup. Got a red nose pit. Sweetest thing in the world. I hate people who act like he is mean when I'm walking him. It's dog racism.

    • Clucy profile image

      Kristin Tamke 6 years ago from Frederick, MD

      voted up! JRT are #3 on the aggressive list, chihauhaus are #2. Pits were #1` for temperment. I agree, any dog, ANY DOG can be aggressive and no dog or puppy be left with a child under 10. But banning them all, no way. Places that have banned them, have seen the bite rate go up. Why? An irresponsible owner is an irresponsible owner no matter the breed of dog they have.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 6 years ago from America

      I love dogs but dogs also need to be trained to except a child pulling on their tail. Children will always do things behind your back even though you have taught them not to pick on the dog. That dog needs to know not to bite that child no matter what. Crawling babies will crawl to a dog bowl if that dog gets mad at a small baby because it's by his food. Well, who knows what damage that dog could do.

      I have ran into some very nasty golden retrievers.

      Good Hub and I do agree if they ban Pit bulls what next.

    • kvargas816 profile image

      kvargas816 6 years ago from New York, NY

      I definitely agree with you there!!! It is a small dog complex that usually makes chihuahuas that way although I've know some sweet ones, I still won't trust them. All big dogs are great, some better than others but like I've said its all about how you raise them. Still even if you raise them to be sweet, most don't like when children pull on their tails so you also have to "train" kids right and wrong as you would the dog. I would pick a pit bull over a chihuahua anyday. Lol

    • clark farley profile image

      clark farley 6 years ago

      My money (for aggressiveness) is on the Chihuahua! (lol)

      I say that only half-joking, as we have always had German Shepherds in our family (but now we have a Chodsky Pes). Our dogs were the most laid back and easy going of dogs.

      I chose to believe, probably without any basis in fact, that the small breeds need to be (overtly) aggressive to compensate for their size. A GSD does not need to put on a show! Granted, I would not want to be the lifeform that posed a threat to our little pack, then it is another matter.

      I agree totally with the idea that it is how the individual dog is raised.

      And I will say that anyone who gets a dog and then proceeds to tie it up outside or put in a kennel (outside) to live away from people should have the dog taken away and not be allowed to have another.

    • profile image

      Doza 6 years ago

      I myself own an American Pitbull Terrier and she's been a sweetheart. She grew up with both my nieces and nephew and all 3 of my kids. The only time she bit me was when we were playing around and when I screamed out she put her head down as if she was apologizing to me. I love my dog and I will never give her up to anyone!!! Between her and my parents chihuahua... I'll take my dog. Don't get me wrong, my parents chihuahua is a good dog but if he doesn't know you he WILL snap at you. My dog on the other hand will come up to you, sniff you and then go and lay down because a pitbull is only aggressive if you train it to be aggressive.... PLEASE DON'T SEND A GOOD BREED TO DIE!!! SEND THE IDIOTS THAT MADE THEM THAT WAY TO PRISON!!!