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Pit Bulls : Dog Sports All Stars

Updated on July 4, 2011

At A Glance

Pit Bulls, most people hear these words and automatically think they are only good for one thing, dog fighting; but this is far from true. Pit Bulls are very versatile creatures that excel at many things. They are built for performance, they emanate strength, power and athleticism. They are of medium stature, very well muscled and have a short coat. They have a brick like wedge shaped head with strong wide jaws. They possess a strong body with a deep chest, solid rear and powerful hind legs. They are agile, tenacious,intelligent, friendly, loyal and determined to please; qualities that make them great canine athletes.

World of Oportunities

Owning a pit bull opens up a wide range and variety of sports and activities that you and your four legged friend can participate in. Pit Bulls were breed to be working dogs, thus making them optimal companions and working partners. Dog sports allow you to work very closely with you dog, truly learning their personality and forming a strong bond with them. When entering the world of competitive dog sports you must be as dedicated to your dog as he/she is to you. Not everyone or every dog is cut out for competitive sports but those who are reap many benefits.

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Weight Pull

 Weight pull, if done properly can be a great outlet for a Pit Bull's determination to never give up. Because of their strength, determination, will to exceed and desire to please they are one of the top breeds in this sport. Pulls can be held on dirt, snow or rail, no matter the surface, the distance to pull is usually 16 feet The dogs are harnessed and attached to a cart or sled and weights are added in  increasing increments. When using  the rail system the dog usually pulls on a carpeted area while the cart rides a metal rail. Having the cart and dog on on different surface allows for much heavier weights to be pulled. The dog has 60 seconds to pull the cart across the finish line, at no time can the owner touch or physically correct the dog. If the dog doesn't finish the pull with in the time frame they still cross the finish line with help, but not awarded any points. There are several organizations that hold these competitions but the most common are the International Weight Pull Association (IWPA) and the American Pull Alliance (APA) which allow all Pit Bulls (rescue dogs and mixes) to compete. Neither of these organizations allow bating of the dog, meaning treats or toys can not be used to lure the dog to pull the cart/sled. Because each pull consists of different surfaces and conditions pull weights can not be compared from pull to pull.

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Agility is a great off lead sport for Pit Bulls that have been well socialized around other dogs. This fast paced sport is a great showcase for a Pit Bull's natural talents. In agility the handler really gets to learn how to work with their dog as a team. The handler will guide their dog through an obstacle course without touching the dog or any of the obstacles. The trial is timed and the dog with the least faults and the quickest time is declared the winner. On many of the objects there are contact points that the dog must touch with it's paw, if not touched that is a fault. The dog must run through, jump over, weave through and climb over obstacles in the course. This is a very exciting sport for handler, dog and spectator. Common  agility obstacles include weave poles, tunnels, a frames, sea saws, tire jumps, dog walks and chutes.

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If your Pit Bull loves to jump and retrieve than Flyball could be an excellent choice. Flyball is a relay contest in which a team of four dogs run a course. The dog takes off from the starting line jumping over four hurdles spaced 10 feet apart and then step on a spring loaded box at the end which shoots out a tennis ball. The dog catches the ball and races back to the handler jumping the hurdles once again. Once the first dog crosses the line the next dog starts and this goes on until all four dogs have ran the course. The first team to have all dogs complete the course with no faults win.

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Obedience Trials

 Because the Pit Bull has a strong desire to please they are an excellent choice for obedience trials. The dog and handler work together to display the dog's ability to obey commands. In a trial the dog must perfectly  perform certain tasks as the handler commands. Some of the basic commands are sit, come, down, stay and heel. Several organizations offer obedience titles. The titles may vary slightly depending on the organization but are  usually along the lines of Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent, Utility Dog, Utility Dog Excellent and Obedience Trial Champion. In fact the highest record in obedience is held by an American Pit Bull Terrier named Maddy.

Work It Out

 All in all Pit Bulls are working dogs. They have the physical and mental qualities that make them an all round versatile breed. There are many more dog sports out there to choose. If you have the determination to achieve a goal than your Pit Bull more than matches it. If you are willing to dedicated yourself to your dog than you will not be disappointed in the results. Pit Bulls are truly canine all stars, capable of almost anything.


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    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      5 years ago from kentucky

      I've done some deep research, some research from viable sources. I've known many others who have also owned pit bulls for years and like my experience have had nothing but wonderful dogs. Pit bulls are not for every person, nor is a poodle.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Eternal Evolution:

      Yes, and you have been lucky. Remmeber, I have said that 65% of the time they will explode. Now all Pit bulls will suddenly attack, just those in the 65%. It has nothing to do with "bad owners." Don't believe me? Do some "deep research" and your mind will change. Meanwhile, please place a muzzle on your Pit bulls when in public, PLEASE!

    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      5 years ago from kentucky

      Reputations just like many other things are not always rightly stowed. I've kept pit bulls for years and have never had an issue with them. My current pit bull lives with 2 other dogs and gets along just fine. Bad owners make bad dogs...

    • aikikenjitsu profile image

      Robert Mc Dowell 

      5 years ago from Puyallup, WA

      Pit Bulls have the worse reputatiion for attacking and kiilling smaller dogs and bigger ones too. When there's 500-1,000 different breeds out there, why in comon sense would you pick a breed that is responsible for attacks 65% of the time, in a group of five dogs that cause trouble every year. It doesn't make sense.

    • kartika damon profile image

      kartika damon 

      8 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

      They are beautiful dogs - I watch Pit Bulls and Parolees quite a bit and am learning more about the breed - thanks for the articles on this subject. Kartika

    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      8 years ago from kentucky

      Thanks for the comment Di. It's so sad to hear that ignorance is once again trying to damn a sweet pit bull to death. I agree with you, when is barking a sign of agression? My baby Bowser barks if he hears someone coming to our house, if the knock on the door, shut the car door. He barks to say hey someone's hear, he'll bark at the door with his tail wagging at full blast and begin licking the person when the enter my home. Both of my pits are house dogs and I have several ppl who dislike them for what they are. I live in the country but still fear the spread of bsl. It must be stopped. here's a few sites you could join if you like, they're all pro-pitbull and anti-bsl. once again thanks for the comment :D

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My HOA board members are attempting to kill my pit the legal way. They continually call animal control and make up lies stating my dog runs at large and he viscously bits people.

      These lies of course can and may result in a warrant for my dog to be taken to animal control and eventually be euthenised

      1.) he doe not run at large

      2.) he is a house dog

      3.) he has never displayed signs of aggression

      4.) he is very socialized

      5.) he has interacted with hamsters to toy breeds to grate danes.....never aggressive.

      In a letter dated 09/18/09

      "We received reports that your pit bull barks at people from a second story window. This does confirm that you still have the animal and it exhibits aggressive tenancies."

      Since when are dogs considered to have aggressive tendencies because they bark? Are not almost all dogs capable of barking? Don't most dogs bark when people come to the door or get out of their car to come to the door or walk by? And Monster does not even bark at people he knows....Yup my big baby is a window looker as people come to our home. I have a very popular teenage daughter who has many friends that visit. The noise that the HOA is calling barking, sounds just like Chubaca from Star Wars. Anxiously he awaits for friends to arrive at the door and he bolts down the stairs with total excitement to greet them at the door. They enter and his tail wags his butt and he licks them to death. If anything at all the whip of Monster's happy tail at best is as much aggression that he displays.

      Has he ever barked from the upper window? YES...two boys were trying to break into my car and when I went outside with Monster they ran like a bat out of H*ll. I found my BMW glove box open and items taken from the car. The barking was a warning. Monster did not even try to run after the perps when I took him out on his lead. But he sure let them know they were NOT welcome as he growled by my side. Definitely I was proud of my baby for letting me know that something was wrong. I am a single mom and glad that Monster is a part of my loving family who warns me of intruders.

    • profile image

      mark schuette 

      8 years ago

      new pit bull powered rigs

      Dear High Drive Dog Owners-

      check out these new dog/human powered rigs ! at WWW.DOGPOWEREDSCOOTER.COM

      unlimited dog exercise under excellent dog control. and a whole new sport !

      this is the first time anyone has placed a pulling animal BEHIND a steering wheel- that makes it so easy- that makes it big news !



    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      8 years ago from kentucky

      We would love to get our pit Bowser into weight pull, we just don't have the cash unfortunantly. I really think he would be great at it though. Good luck with your pup, I hope he makes it and does really well. :D

    • Whitney05 profile image


      8 years ago from Georgia

      My next APBT will be trained in weight pull. I'll be spending the penny to get a pup from champion and titled pedigree. It's going to cost a nice penny or two, so it'll be a while, probably after I finish my degree so that I have the time to start proper training in obedience before the pup is old enough for weight pull training.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      the oit bull is godd dog please go tu gov of miami dade for free peope wante the pit bull


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