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Pit Bulls The Most Misunderstood Breed

Updated on April 2, 2013

The Pitt Bull is one of the most misunderstood breeds of dogs they are portrayed as being mean and vicious this not true it is the way that they are raised .

When you raise a Pitt Bull with love and caring they will be loving and caring to you .

If you mistreat them then sure they will be mean because they haven't been taught any better.

Any dog can be train to be mean and if abused or neglected this can make any dog mean no matter the size.

Even humans are mean look at the violence in the world to day but humans are not out lawed ,but the Pitt Bulls are tried to be outlawed or the owners will eventually have to have a license for them now we don't have to have a license to have a mean person .

These are examples of the mistreatment of Pitt Bulls:

This very cruel people that neglect these beautiful animals should be ashamed of them selves and then these same people are the ones saying they are mean and vicious well dogs are like people the learn what they are taught .

I hope that these beautiful animals will one day finally be understood I have one my self and she is the sweetest thing and so beautiful.


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