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Places to Go with Your Dog in Issaquah & Sammamish Washington

Updated on October 22, 2014
Sammamish, Washington
Sammamish, Washington
Issaquah, Washington
Issaquah, Washington

Issaquah and Sammamish

Issaquah and Sammamish Washington are two small cities east of Seattle, Washington. Issaquah lies south of Sammamish. Although cities in their own right, Issaquah and Sammamish are considered suburbs of Seattle. Both communities are blessed with lakes, forests, and mountains nearby. Weather is mild with average highs in the winter in the 40s and average highs in the summer in the 70s.

The following 6 places are great areas to explore with your dog when you are in Issaquah and Sammamish.

Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish has a great off leash dog park.
Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish has a great off leash dog park. | Source

Beaver Lake Park

Located in Sammamish, Beaver Lake Park has is comprised of over 81 acres, about 54 of them forested. Beaver lake itself creates the east end of the park. The park has numerous unpaved walking and hiking trails meandering through the forests and meadows. Dogs are welcome on the trails on leash.

Beaver Lake Park also has a very nice off leash area for dogs. The area is covered with wood chips and bordered by trees. There is both wooden and chain link fencing to keep the dogs safe. The off leash area is divided into two sections – one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. There is even a dog-height water fountain to let your pooch get a little refreshment in between bouts of playing.

Beaver Lake Park is located at the corner of 244th Ave SE and SE 24th Street in Sammamish, Washington.

Beaver Lake Park's off leash area.
Beaver Lake Park's off leash area.
The route of the East Lake Sammamish Trail is great for dog walking.
The route of the East Lake Sammamish Trail is great for dog walking.

East Lake Sammamish Trail

The East Lake Sammamish Trail is part of King country's “Tracks to trails” plan. Located along the route of an old railroad track, the East Lake Sammamish trail runs from the city of Redmond in the north through Sammamish and into Issaquah to the south. Along 7 miles of the trail it borders the lovely Lake Sammamish.

The trail welcomes leashed dogs. There are pet stations with bags for your dogs mess located at intervals along the trail. Part of the East Lake Sammamish trail is paved, while part of it is still gravel. King county is working on paving the entire length of the trail.

The East Lake Sammamish trail is bordered by trees and has lovely views of the lake in many places. There are many dog walkers and joggers who use the path daily. Although there is not lake access along most of the trail, there is park access along the southern edge of the lake in Issaquah.

Where to Go?

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Training at Riverdog's Day C.A.M.P.
Training at Riverdog's Day C.A.M.P. | Source

Riverdog Canine Coaching

Riverdog is a dog training facility located in Issaquah, Washington. Riverdog has been operating since 1996. It has classes for all levels of dogs from puppies to advanced obedience dogs. Riverdog also trains pups for agility and the conformation ring.

In addition to classes offered throughout the week, on weeknights, and weekends Riverdog has a day “C. A. M. P.” program to give dogs the opportunity to get some great exercise with their staff in the 10,000 square foot facility. Puppy KinderPlay is a time where only puppies 10-20 weeks old can play together under staff supervision to help them socialize and get exercise appropriate for their growing bodies.

Riverdog is located at 1400 19th Ave NW, Issaquah, WA 98027.

Riverdog -- Rewarding Incidental Recalls

The gazebo at Issaquah's Bark Park off leash dog park.
The gazebo at Issaquah's Bark Park off leash dog park. | Source

Bark Park

Bark Park is an off leash dog park located in the Issaquah Highlands neighborhood of Issaquah. The park is fully fenced. Part of the area is bark chipped and part is grass. There is a gentle slope in one area and a steeper one in a separate section. The steeper slope has rocks and native grasses that allow more adventurous dogs a different kind of play. There is a lovely gazebo with benches available for the dogs' human companions to rest on.

In addition to the main fenced in area of the park, there is a smaller, separate section. This area is generally designed for dogs that don't want to get involved in rough and tumble and other canine play. This area is wood chipped. The park provides bags and trash cans to help you clean up after your dog, but you'll have to provide your own water.

Bark Park is located at 2702 NE Magnolia Street, Issaquah (look under the power lines for its exact location).

Earth Pet in Issaquah has raw food options available for your dog.
Earth Pet in Issaquah has raw food options available for your dog. | Source

Earth Pet Store

Earth Pet Store is located in Issaquah, Washington. Earth Pet says they cater to all pets, from pooches to ponies. The store has a wide variety of healthy food options for your canine companion. In addition to dry and canned food options, the store has a variety of raw foods available for purchase too.

The Wetlands Dog Wash is also part of Earth Pet Store. This dog wash is surrounded by a woodland mural that makes for a fun atmosphere to wash your pup. The washing area has raised tubs to provide easy access. A bonus here is that each wash station is a 10' x 10' area with a gate you can shut. So if you're washing multiple dogs you can keep everyone corralled in the same place while still concentrating on giving a bath. Baths range from $10-20 depending on the number of dogs and how long you are washing them.

Earth Pet is located at 1175 NW Gilman Blvd. Suite B-8 Issaquah, WA 98027.

Pine Lake Park in Sammamish, Washington.
Pine Lake Park in Sammamish, Washington. | Source

Pine Lake Park

This 16 acre park is located in Sammamish, Washington. It sits on the edges of Pine lake and there is lake access as well as a swimming area for humans. The park has several walking trails, fields, and play areas. Dogs are welcome on leash. Pine Lake park is predominantly shaded by large trees so it's a great place to go to get a walk while beating the heat of Summer.

In addition to the opportunity for walks, Pine Lake park hosts a number of outdoor events in the summer including concerts and movies. You can also reserve picnic facilities.

Pine Lake park is located at the corner of 228th Ave SE and SE 24th Street in Sammamish, Washington.


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