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Planning A Vacation With Your Dog

Updated on February 25, 2011

At one point, it was difficult to take your favourite canine along with you on vacation. Nowadays, you have a variety of options. Some of them have never been open before. It is now easier than ever to make your dog an integral party of the family holiday trip.

Questions To Ask Beforehand

Before you plan taking your pet along, you need to ask yourself some important questions:

  1. Why am I bringing my dog along? If it is “because I can” or “because I want to” stop and reconsider.
  2. Where are we going? Is the destination pet friendly? Is the weather something your pet can handle? Will your dog enjoy being there?
  3. What do I, or we plan, to do? If you want to see sites and sights, go shopping, swimming and party, can your dog really come along? More important than this is, “Will your canine enjoy doing what you want to do?”
  4. How am I travelling? Plane, train, car or recreational vehicle (Caravan/motor home)? Does my dog enjoy long car rides? Does my dog do well in cargo holds or baggage cars? Do the trains or planes to the destination allow dogs?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, you have two options:

  1. Rearrange your trip to be inclusive of your dog’s needs and necessities
  2. Leave your dog at home

If you decide on the second option, make sure to check out all the possibilities. If you want your dog to have a vacation while you are enjoying yours, consider dog camps. Many places extend beyond the basic kennel concept. They operate like extended doggy day care facilities.

Planning The Trip

If you decide to take your canine companion with you, do plan well in advance. Consider the possible choices.

  • If you are going to camp out – check with the camping grounds or parks. Some Parks at the various government levels do NOT allow you to bring your dog; others do. The same applies to private facilities. Check the site, phone or e-mail to verify you can bring your dog.
  • If you rent a cottage, the same applies. Some cottages welcome pets; some restrict the type of animals they permit; some do not want any. Be sure to check it out. See if there are any extra costs.
  • If you plan on staying in a motel check with the specific hotel/motel. While many hotel chains are becoming more open to pets, not all branches accept them. Talk to the local hotel manager. Be sure to consider such things as breed or size restrictions. Some hotels also charge extra. They may request a damage deposit. Query regarding such things as pet-sitting services.

No matter where you plan on staying or how you plan to travel, do your homework.


Taking your dog with you has increasingly become an option. Whereas once, unless you owned your own cottage or vacation home, you had to leave him or her behind, this is no longer the case. Yet, before you decide to include your dog in your vacation plans, make sure that is exactly what you are doing. Think, first, of the needs of your dog before you plan. If the trip and your vacation plans are not fun for your dog, leave him or her somewhere he or she can actually have a good time.


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      lrohner 6 years ago from USA

      Great job on this hub. Very few people will get to see it, though. You need to come back in and edit this hub, and then use the green arrows on the top of the capsules so that your comments capsule is at the very bottom of the hub. Feel free to delete this comment. :)