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Pledge Fabric Sweeper - It Really Works!

Updated on February 25, 2009
Kennedy, in full yawn.
Kennedy, in full yawn.

So I have pet cats. Two fuzzy, loving little shedding machines named Casey and Kennedy. Two gray cats, which means you can see their fur on just about everything I own.

I was watching the Westminster Dog Show the other night and saw a commercial for the Pledge Fabric Sweeper, a handy device that supposedly picks up every cat or dog hair the beloved family pet sheds. Intrigued, I decided to buy one and try it out.

It took me a while to find one (everyone was sold out) but I finally found one today at WalMart for $4.50, and what follows is my own informal review.

Kennedy isn't so sure about the Pledge Fabric Sweeper.
Kennedy isn't so sure about the Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

First, let's look at the Fabric Sweeper itself. Not very complicated, basically two rollers shielded by a large amount of plastic. There's a large bubble on top for storing the kitty or doggy hair. Sadly, the Fabric Sweeper is not reusable, so once it's filled with Fluffy or Fido's fur, out it goes. I imagine this will be rectified in the future.

The Sweeper also comes with handy $1 off coupons inside the box, for the Sweeper and other Pledge products. Nice!

Now the instructions say to grasp the Fabric Sweeper by the bubble on the top and move in short, swift strokes.  The two rollers act as a double-duty fur catching device: one roller sweeps the fur up while the other roller deposits it in the bubble.

For the purposes of this test I picked the most fur-covered spot in my house - the curtains next to where my boy kitty, Kennedy, likes to curl up.  The curtains are dark blue, which shows off the fur perfectly, and ick, they're covered with puddy hair.

At right is a photo of what the curtains looked like at the beginning of this test.  As you can see, it's pretty icky.

The offending puddy hair on the curtains.
The offending puddy hair on the curtains.
This photo is not related to the FAbric Sweeper!
This photo is not related to the FAbric Sweeper!

Since I can't 'sweep' the curtains while they're hanging, I take them off the rods and put them on the floor.

I hold the Fabric Sweeper by the bubble at the top (fortunately there are grips, so it's easy to keep ahold of) and sweep back and forth across the fabric.  If this was a chair or sofa it would be easier, since the fabric doesn't move, but amazingly the hair comes up really quick.  You have to sweep in both directions, though; the Sweeper needs both to pick up and then deposit the hair.  If you go in just one direction the rollers just keep going around without ever depositing the hair inside the bubble.

Success!  As you can see from the below picture, the Sweeper picked up a LOT of hair, in just a few minutes. The package says the Sweeper is full when it no longer picks up hair, so we'll see how long that takes. 

Overall, I'd give the Fabric Sweeper a big thumbs up! It did the job quickly and easily, and is not tremendously expensive.  My only gripe is that you can't empty it, which if it fills up quickly can make it pretty pricey if you have a big place or a lot of animals to clean up after.

So, I'm a happy kitty owner! I'd love to hear what others who have tried this product think. Thanks for reading!

Enough fur to knit another cat.
Enough fur to knit another cat.


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    • profile image

      Joan Curtin 8 years ago

      As the owner of a mega-fur cat, I can see how this is a very tempting purchase!

    • profile image

      Carol B. 8 years ago

      I recently saw a commercial for the Pledge fabric pet sweeper. I thought a-ha! Finally a product I really need and can really use! I love my darling kitty girls Victoria Marie and Libby Ann, but the constant hair does get on my nerves now and then (though I would never tell tell them that!).

      So I thought what do I have to lose except a couple of dollars. The first place I looked for this product was at my local WalMart and they actually had it in stock. But the price! It was right around $4.50! I thought that was quite pricey and further reading on the box, I found it was not reuseable. Then I figured that's how they make their money off this product.

      I purchased it anyways, took it home and took it out of the box. After looking it at closely I thought what a simple looking item it was and it probably wasn't going to work well. Much to my surprise, the sweeper worked extremely well! Within a couple of minutes I had cleaned up two chairs in my living room which were covered with cat hair. The 'catcher' where the hair collects looks like it can fill up rather quickly and once it fills up, you need to dispose of the whole thing. I can see where purchasing this item again and again can get quite expensive.

      Inside the box are 4 coupons. Two of the coupons are for future purchases of the sweeper. The other 2 coupons are for some different Pledge products. I would purchase this item again because of the coupons, but I'm not sure I would continue to purchase it after my coupons are gone just simply based on the cost.

      But, if you don't mind the cost, the item works extremely well and I don't think you will be disappointed!

    • profile image

      Jules 8 years ago

      Bought this - thought it was kind of pricey for a throw away - *BUT* totally worth it!! It works sooooo good! Very easy to use. Makes it so clean that whatever spot you use it on looks vaccuumed! I have a black cat and our bedspread gets covered - this is a miracle worker!!!! I use it on the couch, the cat bed, and our bed comforter!! I highly recommend this product!

    • profile image

      Jean Holmes 7 years ago

      I have recently purchased a sweeper whilst on holiday with relatives in the States. It is brilliant but do they stick them in U.K. all the websites are U.S. so i cant send them an e mail as they need a U.S.address.

    • profile image

      Dave Phillips 6 years ago

      To empty remove one of the rollers. Use screwdriver to push the retaining clip over. Easy to clip back in place.

      Should be able to use until the rollers weatr out, and they can be reversed for longer service life.

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