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Pomchi Hybrid Dogs (Chi-Pom, Chiranian)

Updated on January 27, 2012

Physical Description

A Pomchi is a hybrid dog that is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian. As can be expected this canine hybrid is a small to toy sized dog, typically not more than twelve pounds at full maturity although some of the smaller dogs will mature at closer to five to seven pounds.

There is a considerable difference in the coat type of both parent breeds so the Pomchi, also known as the Chi-Pom and the Chiranian can be closer in appearance to the Pomeranian or the shorter coated Chihuahua. In crossing with a longer coated Chihuahua the coat will be more Pomeranian in appearance.

Virtually all colors are acceptable including merles, solids and parti-colors. The long coat is typically very fluffy and stands out from the body while the shorter coated members of the group have a sleek coat. Both varieties are moderate shedders year round with slightly heavier shedding noted in the spring and summer months. There are single and double coated Chi-Poms so to decrease shedding and grooming owners should select a single coated dog.

Pomchi (Chipom)

The head of the Chiranian is a rounded flattened triangular shape with a well balanced muzzle, slight stop and round, large eyes. The eyes should not protrude from the face and they can be dark to lighter in color depending on the coat color and pattern. The ears are triangular and moderate in size, carried pricked when the Pomchi is paying attention but also carried back and flat against the head at other times. The body is thicker than it is lean and the legs are short and stocky. The tail tends to be carried high on the back in a gentle loop however it can also be carried flat.


As with most of the toy hybrid breeds the Pomchi is a great companion dog when socialized and trained. If they are not socialized and trained or if they are spoiled and become dominant they can be aggressive, territorial and very demanding of their owners. These dogs have to learn that they are not the center of the household and that they are actually part of the pack. This is done through consistent, positive training and praise as well as by making the dog part of the family.

The Chiranian needs to be with people more than they are left alone. Some may become problem barkers if they begin to show signs of separation anxiety and are left alone for long periods of time. They are a naturally loving dog that craves physical contact with people they know and trust and they are a true lapdog in every sense of the word.

Grooming And General Care

With the longer double coated members of this hybrid breed daily grooming is a must to prevent matting and tangles. Shorter coated varieties may only need grooming once or twice a week. Avoid over bathing theses dogs and use dry shampoo if possible to prevent skin allergies and dry coats.  The Chi-Pom is not suitable as an outdoor breed, especially in cold, damp climates or in very hot climates if the dog is double coated. They can be finicky eaters and may be prone to very sensitive digestive systems. Feed only high quality dry kibble whenever possible to help minimize these problems and maintain good dental health.

The Pomchi will self-exercise inside and is a playful dog, getting along well with other pets when socialized and raised together. The Chiranian is not recommended for homes with small children due to the dog’s small size.

Clubs and Registries:

  • ACHC
  • DRA
  • ICA
  • UABR
  • APRI
  • CKC
  • Pomchi Club of America


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(c) dawndalyce007 at

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    • profile image

      Regina Johnson 5 years ago

      now; I want to clarify something here; Bear is not the only dog I own. I have. 2 other dogs; too. And I have two daughters. They are also the love of my life and the light of life. I just want them to know this; In case they might read this. Ok?

    • profile image

      Regina Johnson 5 years ago

      I have a Pomchi. His name is BEAR. He is the Love of my Life! I try to take him wherever I go. He loves to go places with Momma! With It being so chilly outside. I put his little football sweater and little cap and scarf on him to keep him warm. When we get going on the road; he falls asleep. But if for some reason he hears something loud; he pops his little head up; like; What the Heck was that? He is spoiled rotten! I don't know what I would do without him! He makes me smile when I see his adorable little sweet face. I can't love him enough! He's the light of my life!

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      I think that my Dog is a Pomchi:

      He`s 11 months old and I adopted him from the SPCA.

    • profile image

      Donna 6 years ago

      I have fallen for these and would love to get one. I have always had big dogs before, Dobermann and Great Danes, beautiful dogs but there size did create a few problems, such as not being able to go on holiday. I am thinking with these small dogs you can take them anywhere with you. My only worry is I have a very tame parrot who is free flying and out of the cage mist of the day. Do these dogs get very jelouse or should they get along. Obviously I wouldn't leave them alone together.

    • profile image

      Shelbi 6 years ago

      Anyone know of anywhere near Fargo I could get one of these cute little guys?

    • profile image

      kristian 6 years ago

      they r cuter then my pomerainian

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      I have a pure bred Pomeranian and a Pomeranian Sheltie mix.

    • profile image

      randy 6 years ago

      Love Pomchi's!

      Just got one and she's the best and the most beautifull dog ever!

    • profile image

      Snoopy 6 years ago

      My cute Snoopy (Pom-chi) just turned one in Sept this year. She is very playful and smart. I am very lucky to have her.

    • profile image

      Leanne 6 years ago

      I got our Pomchi yesterday off a neighbour who could no longer look after her. She is 10mths old and our home is it's 3rd. I have fell totally in love with her and will give her the love she needs and deserves. Only concern is i have 2 childrern 3 and 7 and when they go near her toys she becomes very jealous and snaps at them if they come close to her while sat with me. How can i stop this from happening????

    • profile image

      Clem&Vv 6 years ago

      If I decided to breed my pomchi with a full blooded pomeranian. Would that be all right? I just don't know what kind of dog would be a good match for her other than another Pomchi :)...

    • profile image

      Yvette 6 years ago

      I have a Pomchi who just turned two. Blossom is the friendliest most loving dog. She is also very smart and very curious. For this being my first dog ever, I really lucked out...

    • profile image

      Anon 7 years ago

      No. Pomchis do not have an odor. We have one and he gets along great with our other small-medium carlin pinscher. Brave and timid at the same time.

    • profile image

      Katy 7 years ago

      Do they have any doggie oder?

    • profile image

      Dan Millstein 7 years ago

      Poco makes me laugh out loud 10+times every day.

    • profile image

      chyna 7 years ago

      loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • profile image

      laura  8 years ago

      i have a pomchi, hes the best dog i could have ever wished for! so playful and friendly!

    • Mardi profile image

      Mardi Winder-Adams 8 years ago from Western Canada and Texas

      Hmmmmm - wonder what the Labs would think of something this small. I know the cats would boss a little one like this around!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Another cute ittle dog. As you say though, like little people, they can be quite bolshey :)