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Pond Lily Foods: Aquatic Fertilizers Reviewed

Updated on March 13, 2011

Pond Lily Aquatic Fertilizer

It's now pond season again and everyone is looking into growing pond lilies. They are gorgeous but do require work just like any plant does. But their are Pond Lily Foods out their that will make your life a little easier and keep those lilies growing and blooming the whole season. Most pond owners will think that lilies take care of themselves. Some have great luck if they have a green thumb. But for me and millions of others it's a tough venture to take on.

But the question is what to use that won't hurt your fish and finding something that is easy to use and can't be overdosed easily. Also its important to keep your pond clean with a Pond Vacuum.  This will help eliminate bad items in your pond and allow for healthier fish and plants.  Also in order to provide the right nutrients for your pond lilies you should also read my article on how to get rid of cattails in your pond.  So I will show you what products work great for your pond lilies.

Tetra Pond Lily Gro Aquatic Plant Food

TheTetra Pond Lily Gro Aquatic Plant Food is a great investment for anyone looking to grow lilies just because of the ease of using this product and the great results you will see.  Just follow the directions for the size pond you have and presto you have your recommended feeding size. 

This product has great reviews from other satisfied customers that go crazy for this product.  People love it for the simplicity of it.

Count Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

The Food for lilies here is another great product because it provide essential nutrients and trace elements needed for flower blooming. Tablets contain iron lush growth,  boron to promote flower formation. Promotes lush foliage and beautiful blooms of all aquatic pond plants. Available in 25 count and 60 count sizes.

Aquascape Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Tablets

These tablets are like most others but will actually keep feeding your lilies and pond plants for up to 45 days unlike the typical 14-16 days. The 10-20-10 is the perfect mixture for your pond and will also help not promote algae growth.

Problems with Pond Algae

If your having problems with your pond and algae in it.  Their is a great website for information check out my blog Getting Rid Of Pond Algae.  Also check out some of my most recent articles on pond algae natural removal and removing pond algae with chemicals.


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