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Pond Vacuums: Keep Your Pond Clean

Updated on January 25, 2011

Keeping your koi pond clean is very important especially for keeping algae out, reducing nutrients, controlling cattails. Getting Rid Of Pond Algae, Getting Rid of Pond Cattails, Control Pond Algae Naturally, Achieve a Crystal Clear Pond. All these are great sources for controlling algae in your pond. Algae isn't always a bad thing most of the time it means a excess of nutrients or to much sunlight. Also if you are having a problem with duckweed then you can take a look at this page Attract Ducks to your pond. Pond Vacuums are a great product and can make your life so much easier when it comes to changing any amount of water in a pond.

Matala Muck Vac II

Keeping a pond clean is good in two ways, the first being for your fish, and second for you and your guest. No one wants a pond that is green o has a lot of gunk in it clouding the pond up so you can't see the fish. Having a pond vacuum is like vacuuming your living room versuses picking it up with your hand. I know it's a weird example but thats how easy it makes it. " I wish I hadn't waited so long to get one. The difference in the appearance of my pond is amazing." is what one customer said abou pond vacuums.  suction lift 5 feet above water, suction hose 16', discharge hose 8' 4 size vacuum heads,5 extension tubes Drains in 25 seconds, auto stop start 16' cord, 2 year warrant.

PowerClean Cordless Pond Vac

Looking for another pond vacuum for bigger ponds that will suck things up a little quicker and easier then take a look at the PowerClean Cordless Pond Vac.  Rotating blades thoroughly digest pond debris while telescoping shaft reaches every crevice of your pond. The pole extends from 57 in to 92 ½ in. You can use the brush attachment and it helps remove stubborn stains and stubborn derbis that are hard to get off. This pond vacuum is great because it siphons the debri and runs it through a bag and then returns the clean water to your pond so no need to waste water. Battery fully charges in under four hours. The kit Includes: non-kink tubing, brush, debris bag, rechargeable lithium battery with charger and shoulder strap.


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