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Popular African Grey Parrots

Updated on March 14, 2017

African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots are very popular as pets.They are 33-36 centimetres long, and they can live for 50-70 years in captivity. Distinctive features of the African Grey Parrots are the white markings around their eyes, their grey feathers, and their black beaks. An African Grey’s beak is quite powerful. African Grey Parrots are a species of Psittacidae. It is native to the Western and Central African Rainforest. The Congo African Grey Parrot and the Timneh African Grey Parrot are the two accepted subspecies. The Congo African Grey Parrot is larger in size than the Timneh African Grey Parrot, and it has light grey feathers. Its tail is red. The Timneh African Grey Parrot is a bit smaller in size. Its feathers are dark grey, and it has a chestnut tail. Kenya, Angola, The Ivory Coast, Tanzania, and Congo is where the Congo African Grey Parrot is found, and the Timneh African Grey Parrot is spread from the savannas of West Africa, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and The Ivory Coast.

A Talented African Grey Parrot

A Highly Sensitive Bird

  • African Grey Parrots preen themselves frequently.
  • The upper part of their beaks is hinged and it can move. It is adapted, therefore it can crush and crack nuts and it can also spit out hulls.
  • African Grey Parrots sleep while sitting on their perches.
  • They love bathing, but the water must be lukewarm. Then it’s right for them.

Eating a Tidbit

Highly Intelligent Birds

Of all the parrot types, the African Grey Parrot is the best talker. If it is taught words, or sentences, it will eventually say it, and it may even come to understand what it is saying, because it is a very intelligent bird, and it is also a very fascinating bird. Its cognitive progress is the same as that of highly intelligent animals such as dolphins, and chimpanzees. It has the cleverness to repeat and interpret all the sounds made by appliances in the home. Its mimicry is very impressive, and its memory is very well developed. It’s also capable of distinguishing a large number of voices. Also quite fascinating is the fact that they can actually look behind them without turning their heads.

They Love Preening Themselves

Parrots Love Attention

Scientific studies have proven that the African Grey Parrot are able to make the connection mentally between words and their meanings, and to express specific choices, and that’s not all. They can also grasp(understand) concepts such as number, shape and color, which is quite fantastic. African Grey Parrots are magnificent. They’re also quite beautiful. They’re highly sensitive creatures, and they have a gentle nature. They can become very attached to the people that feed them, and take care of them. They have loads of personality, and they’re very affectionate and quite delightful. They absolutely love attention, and with their cute antics, they will most definitely melt your heart and make you smile.

Parrots Mimicry is Impressive

Parrots are Prone to High Cholesterol

An alarming fact about the African Grey Parrots is that their number is increasingly dropping because of habitat. The rain forest is being wiped out. The trees that the African Grey Parrots depend on for nesting, is also useful for timber. African Grey Parrots lay a number of 2-4 eggs and the incubation period is between 21-30 days. You can buy an African Grey Parrot from any reputable breeder, or a bird shop, or pet shop. They’re quite happy to sit in a cage all day long. They eat nuts, seeds, parrot food, grains, fruit, and cuddlebone for calcium supplementation. Pellets should make up half of an African Greys diet. Also give it fresh water daily. Fruit should be given in small amounts. Parrots are prone to high cholesterol so its diet should be low in fat. Chocolate, avocado, onions or alcohol should never be fed to an African Grey Parrot, because it could be deadly.

Build a Relationship With Your African Grey

African Grey Parrots are elegant birds, and they’re very entertaining, and so very amusing. An agitated African Grey will oscillate pupils, and raise its nape feathers. Its sensitive nature makes it prone to the bad habit of feather plucking. It takes time, patience and effort to build a relationship with an African Grey Parrot, but it is just so worth it. It is rewarding in so many ways. It will lift one’s spirit, and sometimes it may even make one laugh out loud. It will brighten one’s day, and it will bring great joy to one’s heart. Owning an African Grey Parrot is great fun for young and old, and the amazing love and deep affection that an owner feels for their parrot is something so wonderful. In fact, it’s quite remarkable. The way they mimic a cat’s meow, or a dog’s bark, or a ringing telephone is not only impressive. It is flippin cute. African Grey Parrots are able to amass a vocabulary of many words, and that is one of the things that make them so special. They are truly talented.

Alexander The Great Loved Parrots

Alexander the Great absolutely loved parrots. More than 300 parrot species and variations are to be found in Africa, Australia, Asia and the Americas. Parrots are beautiful, and interesting creatures. They’re very enigmatic, and they’re also very endearing. Having an African Grey Parrot as a pet is a wonderful experience, because African Grey Parrots have a very special way about them. It’s just the way they are-so totally unique

An African Grey Parrot Joke : A woman went into a pet shop, because she wanted to buy an African Grey Parrot that could talk English and another language. So the owner of the pet shop showed her an African Grey Parrot that had a string attached to each leg. “If you pull the left string, the Parrot will speak English, and if you pull the right string, the Parrot will speak another language,” he explained to the woman. The woman looked at the Parrot in wonder. Then, finally, she asked, “And if I pull both strings at the same time?” “Well, if you pull both strings at the same time, I fall flat on my face,” said the Parrot smartly.


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