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Potty Train an Older Dachshund

Updated on August 24, 2013

Potty train an older Dachshund

Potty training an older Dachshund can be a daunting task however not impossible if you have the correct information. Some Dachshund owners have given up potty training, but even if your Dachshund is an Adult, it is not too late.

With gentle reinforcement and a commitment on your part, your older Dachshund will soon be fully potty trained.

Important: Before Potty training your older Dachshund

If you have had your Dachshund for a long time and he suddenly starts peeing in the house, the first thing you should do is to take him to the vets

This is very important because it could be a sign of an illness.

Once you have eliminated the possibility of an illness then it is time for your adult Dachshund to start potty training

Other reasons that your adult Dachshund might start having accidents in the house again could be stress.

Has anything changed recently that might have triggered this off?

Perhaps you have moved house

Or there is tension in the house that was not there before.

A new baby or pet

Try to reassure your Dachshund and where possible involve him in your daily life. Dachshunds love to have fun and be part of what is going on around them. They are very intelligent dogs and need to be stimulated.

Nothing new - then it is time to once again potty train your older Dachshund.

Start from the beginning with housebreaking an older Dachshund

Ok, so you have checked that your Dachshund is not sick and got the all clear from your vet so now it is time to start potty training your Dachshund.

The best way to potty train an adult Dachshund is to start all over again! Do not panic I have done it many times with our foster Dachshunds - there is an easy way that will have your Dachshund potty trained in a few short weeks.

Ok, deep breath and here we go

Do not shout or hit your Dachshund if he does have an accident. You will gain nothing by doing that apart from maybe a nervous neurotic dog. He will start to associate punishment with your return to the home. Use only positive reinforcements while housebreaking an Adult Dachshund.

If you catch him in the act of peeing in the house then a sharp "NO" might help. Make sure you only do this if you are right there, not after the accident.

Take him out regularly especially after sleeping, eating or playtime.

Take your Dachshund for walks at the times he usually does his potty.

Do not leave him at home alone for more that 4 hours - if you have left your Dachshund for a long time then be prepared to arrive home and find an accident.

Until your Dachshund is fully housebroken, keep a close eye on him. Do not let him roam freely around the house.

Consider crate training him - Dachshunds like to feel safe and secure - my Dachshund howls if we leave him loose in the house but is quiet and very content when left in his crate. Dogs do not pee where they sleep.

Some Dachshunds mark their territory. Sometimes it is a table leg of a wall. Intact male and female dogs mark their territories by urinating. Use deodorizing sprays on the places where your Dachshund has marked to discourage this behavior.

Observe your older Dachshund very closely. Maybe even start a little diary of where he goes and when. Is he pooping when you are home or only when you are away? Once you have worked out his habits try to take him outside on his schedule. It may mean asking someone else to take him for a walk if you are unable to be home during that time.

If you are patient and ready to accept that house training a Dachshund takes time and commitment, you will end up having a good housetrained Dachshund.

Be patient, learn all you can about potty training older Dachshunds

Dachshunds and in no time you will both be happy.

How To Potty Train An Older Dachshund
How To Potty Train An Older Dachshund

The Easy Way To Potty Train An Older Dachshund

Housebreak your older Dachshund now

I have been using this method for years on Dachshund's that we foster out of shelters. It is simple, easy to do and works!

I have been giving this information away to people who adopt our Dachshunds and have at last found the time to put it in ebook form.

I wanted to help owners retrain their Dachshunds - too many Dachshunds end up in shelters because they were not trained.

A donation is made to Dachshund rescue for each book sold.

Please if you have an untrained Dachshund take a look at How To Potty Train A Dachshund and start re training them today.

Dachshunds are all over Amazon

Here are a couple of cool Dachshund books and fun things available on Amazon. Clicking on any of the items takes you to - from there you can search 'Dachshund' and browse the hundreds of Dachshund items available.

I just love Dachshunds and would love to hear from other owners.

Please feel free to say hi.

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