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Precious Cat Breeds combines Leopard and Tigers

Updated on January 12, 2017

Family Pets breeds Bengal cat are rare cat breeds in USA. They originated in the 1960s in the United States out of the combination of Asian Wildcats (Leopard Cats) with domestic cats. "Wild cats have a strong fascination for many. Above all the skin drawing, which has numerous varieties through polka dots to stripes, draw the people under its spell. Because it's obvious but difficult to get a leopard to keep in the living room, experiment breeders to join the wild appearance with tameness.

Hybrid cats of up to twelve kilos:

The Bengals are one of the most famous cat hybrids. Other Varieties hot Savannah, Bristol, Caracat or Tilaran and are all intersections of a male wildcat with a female domestic cat. While the Bengal cat does not differ from the domestic cat with three to six kilos and a shoulder height of 20 to 30 centimeters, Savannah hybrids can weigh up to 12 kilos and become a half a meter. In addition to the typical wild animal fur, hybrids are usually very muscular and have a great urge to move.

In order to live in harmony with the animal, the cats need to be protected from the outbreak, including a bathing place, daily fresh meat, special veterinary treatment and sufficient hunting, running and climbing opportunities. "The proper position of such a cat in private hands is hardly feasible and therefore to be rejected.

"Not for the cat":

Cat experts believe it is important to distinguish between how a hybrid cat behaves and how simple it is to keep depends on their generation. The further the animal moves away from the origin pair of wild and domestic cat, the more the wild animal characteristics decrease, and the more similar it becomes the domestic cat.

From the fifth generation onwards, the share of wild animals is only 1.6 percent. The attitude of hybrids of early generations is extremely time and cost intensive. "At the latest from the sexual maturity, people notice the urine and faeces as well as clear scratches on furniture and walls that they cannot simply keep their hybrid cats in the living room." Her attitude is therefore "not something for the cats."

The fact that animal protectionists often call hybrids as agonizing is due to the dangers of the mating of the species of origin. ‚ÄĚCogeneration must be done naturally, and this involves a high risk of injury or even a fatal outcome. When she is forcibly paired with a wild cat kitten, the little housekeeper suffers pain and suffering, including death, through the neck bite. And since the puppies are usually too big for the mother animal, there are also early, miscarriages or stillbirths.

Wild look is often lost:

All this, however, applies only to the early generations. Later, as the Pets family breeds, for example, there are usually no problems in mating, birth and development. Also the attitude becomes more uncomplicated the further the generation is removed from the wild form. "However, the typical wild look, which concerns body and head shape as well as the facial expression, is often lost.

"If you like cats, you will love Bengals cat". It breeds exclusively with the generations 6 to 15 after the wild cat, which is also in the price of a maximum of 2500 $. The fact that hybrids are wild and unpredictable cannot be confirmed: "But this depends strongly on how the breeder treats them." Animals from serious and loving breeding are trusting, cuddly and affectionate.

How many hybrid cats are kept in USA is not known. "Basically, in most federal states, everyone can legally grow a hybrid cat or even a wild cat species. However, depending on the generation of the animal, there are a large number of legal regulations and requirements. It is only from the fifth generation that most of these limitations are eliminated.

Domestic Bengal Cat

Domestic Bengal Cat
Domestic Bengal Cat | Source

Bengal Kitten

Bengal Kitten
Bengal Kitten | Source

Things To know about Bengal cats

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