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Prevent Your Dog from Being Stolen!

Updated on February 13, 2010
Dog theft is on the rise!
Dog theft is on the rise!

If you have read any of the dog HUBS that I have posted, then you already know that I love dogs! I am passionate about dog rescue, as well as dog adoption. I have three dogs and they are all near and dear to my heart. The thought of anything bad happening to them makes me sick to my stomach. This HUB is about how to protect your dog from thieves. The American Kennel Club reported that the number of dog thefts in 2008 was three times higher than in previous years. Sad but unfortunately true. Time to take action, people!

Most people that steal dogs do so with money in mind. They target specific purebreds with the intention of selling them in order to make a quick buck. Others steal purebreds and sell them to puppy mills. If you don't know what a puppy mill is, allow me to enlighten you. Puppy Mills are large scale breeding operations where the all mighty dollar is given higher priority than the care and welfare of the dogs that are being bred. Dogs that live in puppy mills are kept in small crates and are rarely allowed to run free or socialize with humans and or other animals. The life of a puppy mill dog is just plain sad.

Tips & Advice

If you own a purebred dog (or any dog for that matter) it is very important that you read and follow the tips below! After all, most victims of pet theft are taken by complete surprise! Never in a million years did they think their precious pooch would ever be stolen! So be aware, be smart and follow these tips!

  • Get your dog micro-chipped as soon as possible! If for any reason, you are in a dispute over ownership, the proof will be in the chip! Ask your veterinarian for chipping details!

Never leave your dog in a car alone!
Never leave your dog in a car alone!
  • Never, and I repeat, NEVER leave your dog alone in a car. Even if you are only going to be gone for five minutes, it is not safe to leave your pooch (unsupervised) in a motor vehicle!
  • If you travel with your dog, be sure to bring along a recent photo of him or her. God forbid the two of you get separated; you will have a current photo to show people who may be able assist you when it comes time to find your furry friend.
  • If possible, avoid leaving your dog outside for long periods of time unsupervised. If you do leave your dog in your yard, it is a good idea to have a fence with a secure gate (so that people can't easily get in and your dog can't get out!). Many dogs are stolen right out of their own back yards! If you are leaving your home, always bring your dog inside before you go.
  • If you employ a regular dog walker or dog sitter, make your neighbors aware of them. If you are out of town and your neighbors see someone that they are not familiar with give them permission to ask for identification. Better safe rather than sorry!
  • If your dog is outside a lot, plant landscaping that will provide privacy. If that isn't enough, invest in a security camera!


What to do!

If your dog is stolen, the first thing you should do is report the theft to your local law enforcement. Though they may not be able to spend a lot of time looking for your dog, there will at least be an official report of the theft on record. Many people hire private investigators in order to find their stolen pet, however, this can get quite expensive. The internet and your local newspaper are your best bet. There are several websites on the internet that specialize in finding lost and stolen animals. They are Pets911.Com and Dog Detective.Com.

To many, dogs are in fact, family members. The thought of losing them or someone stealing them is almost too much to bear. If you use common sense and follow the simple tips listed above, your pet will remain with you…safe and sound, forever! Woof!


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    • profile image

      LC 6 years ago

      Thank you for submitting this!! I have seen too many posts about people writing how you should be glad your dog is (too) friendly with strangers, and I find it appalling. I would like to say to them, "Would you trust your child alone with a stranger?" I think not!!

      If we as adults don't trust strangers, why should we forget this all of a sudden because there's a dog in the picture. It's our job, as the owner to protect them, and keep them away from people with bad intentions towards you and your dog, who act "friendly" to gain your trust, and then steal your dog the second your back is turned.

      I'm really talking about Dog Parks here, where sometimes other dog owners take too many liberties with your dog, without regard to asking you, the owner's permission, to pick them up. RUDE! As well as strangers in the street who want to pet your cute little dog, just because they want to. No manners what so ever!

      Then, the occasional person who just wants to see if the dog is intact, and picks them up, without saying a word to you, to see if they have their parts. Shocking behavior! Can you please address these issues. We dog owners, who love our pets need to be aware BEFORE something happens.

      Especially new dog owners like me. This is a new level of rudeness that I have never encountered before in my life, and prevention is in order before my cute little puppy winds up in a terrible situation. God forbid!

      I'm on hyper alert, and now I don't even want ANY strangers touching my puppy. I don't even want him to catch their scent. I didn't realize these things happened, and now he's WAY too friendly with strangers, and I'm really worried about that. I need to reverse and correct this problem right away, before anything bad happens.