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Prevention of animal diseases

Updated on December 14, 2015

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The best thing is to prevent the animal diseases from occurring. Most of the animal diseases can be prevented or controlled by adopting proper sanitary measures, controlling feeds, keeping the animal in comfort and by vaccination. Thus, by following proper preventive and sanitary measures, the spread of several animal diseases can be controlled.

Some elementary steps in animal management which help in preventing diseases and ensuring good health for animals are given below.

A) The animals should be kept in good shelters to prevent the diseases. The shelter should be spacious having plenty of space for each animal, it should be airy with good light, and kept clean. A spacious, clean, air and well – lighted shelter reduces the risk of diseases by discouraging the growth of disease causing micro – organisms. On the other hand, an over crowded, dam, dirty and darkened shelter helps in spreading animal diseases. Cleaning the cattle shed regularly is necessary to prevent animal diseases. The animals should be cleaned, washed (bathed) and groomed frequently to protect them from skin infections, and maintain good health.

B) The animals should be given good, nutritious food which will help the animal resist infection. Thus, feeding the animals properly and regularly is very important for the prevention of diseases. The animals should be given good, nutritious food which will help the animal resist infection. Thus, feeding the animal properly and regularly is very important for the prevention of diseases. The animals should be provided clean drinking water because dirty water carries disease causing germs. The drinking water trough of the animals should be cleaned periodically and refilled with clean water.

C) The animals should be given vaccination at a young age to protect them from some of the common diseases. For example, the incidence (occurrence) of contagious diseases like rinderpest can be considerably reduced by proper vaccination.

D) External parasites like lice on cattle should be controlled by applying dilute insecticide solutions. The insects such as as files and ticks should also be controlled. The pests like rats and mice should be controlled in the animal shelters. These rodents not only eat up the feed meant for domestic animals but also carry the disease – causing germs and hence spread diseases.

The domestic animals should be treated gently and not frightened at all.

We should watch the domestic animals carefully to see if they are normal and healthy. If an animal shows signs of illness, a veterinary surgeon should be called in at the earliest. Apart from drugs and medicines, proper sanitary conditions (proper cleanliness), diet control and rest, greatly help in the recovery of an animal from illness.

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