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Primp your pit- Petsmart pledges $1 Million

Updated on July 30, 2012

Petsmart loves Pit Bulls

Petsmart, the multi-billion dollar pet store, pledged $1 million towards getting American Pit Bull Terriers spayed and neutered this August. This program, "Primp Your Pit," is able to offer spay/neuter surgeries to pit bulls all over the United States for on $20 per dog. Also included with the surgeries is a nail trimming. How can owners say no to that?

There are 63 clinics across 30 states participating in this program. The goal is to have almost 7,000 pit bulls spayed or neutered in August. With the number of dogs that go unaltered and are able to have litters, the shelters are being overwhelmed with unwanted puppies and adult dogs. The local governments are also trying to limit/restrict American Pit Bull Terriers in some communities. By spaying and neutering pit bulls that are house pets we can minimize the numbers in shelters and strays which in turn would give the local governments less leverage against responsible owners.

Facts don't lie

Statistics on dog bites and fatalities is a gray area. This is because most bites don't get reported however, the ones that do show a pattern. Most dog bites are committed by unaltered male dogs. This could possibly be due to the extra testosterone in their bodies. It has been determined that by neutering male dogs you reduce their aggression and their desire to roam. Female dogs on the other hand, by having them spayed you eliminate the chance of having an unplanned litter.

Find out more?

Petsmart's Primp Your Pit Program has all the information you need on local clinics providing the $20 spay/neuter surgeries along with free nail trimmings.

Don't miss out on this program, you could be saving several lives by spaying or neutering your pit bull. We strive to make the American Pit Bull Terrier more accepted in our communities, by minimizing the numbers of unwanted pit bulls we may have more of a fighting chance.

We fight so our dogs don't have to!


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