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Processed Dogfood vs. Natural foods

Updated on August 14, 2015

We all have wondered about the true health benefits of dogfood that comes from a processing plant. Is it good for dogs? I will answer this question with facts about processed dogfood and a natural food diet made up of human grade foods.

Let’s look at dried dogfood first. The raw material used is meat byproducts such as beef, poultry, seafood, horse, sheep and domestic pets that are euthanized, grains, cornmeal, soybean meal. Yes I said domestic pets that have been put to sleep. Sounds like mad cow syndrome but with pets. The shelters around the US ship the carcasses to manufacturing plants. It’s sick and I have an article about that. The byproducts are all the parts of farm animals that most humans don’t eat like beaks, feet, cheeks etc. The seafood byproducts are the fins, heads in some cases and the internal organs. So as far as the meats go that are put in dried dogfood, it sounds gross but it isn’t bad for dogs except I’m pretty sure dogs eating dogs is not so good. The grains, cornmeal, soymeal and wheats are a different story. These products are hard to digest and are used as fillers which have no nutritional value. They increase profit and that’s about it. As long as the label reads meat by products they can put whatever animals are rendered.

People need to think about the diet of dogs before processed dogfood came along. Meat was the primary diet. Uncooked meats like beef, chicken and seafood are very healthy as they provide amino acids the dogs need. Uncooked chicken bones do not splinter either. Not a lot of people know that. As far as pork is concerned, I wouldn’t feed it to man or animal. Dogs can also eat egg shells without it hurting them. If you plan on switching your dog to natural it needs to be switched slowly. If you abruptly make the switch the dog will most likely get diarrhea so start with a chicken leg and watch the dogs bowel movements. If all looks good, add a raw egg to the dry dogfood the next day. Cottage cheese is a good source for calcium but again you want to make the transition slow.

You have to watch out for the processed dog treats too. Besides the common recalls on some, they are just as poor nutritionally as the foods, Sometimes’ worse. There are websites out there where you can buy healthy snacks for dogs and I’ll list them at the bottom of the page.

So just like processed foods are bad for people, it’s also bad for dogs. Of course organic is the way to go for both humans and dogs, it’s not affordable for some. If you can replace some of your dogs processed food with natural food, by all means do it! The health of your dog is important and we all want to do what’s right for our beloved pets. natural pet snacks and information on a natural diet. Check it out!


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