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Proper Care For Your Fish Pond

Updated on September 19, 2012

Proper Care For Your Fish Pond

Making up and suitable Care For Your Fish Pond

You are able to heighten the wonderful thing about your garden by featuring a fish pond. Not all individuals have beautiful gardens and if you're endued to have one, you will be able to still make it more magical by getting or establishing a fish pond. Constructing a fish pond might seem really leisurely but you must As well think that you would have to exercise suitable care for your fish pond also.

If you've a pond in your garden, you'll find that the family and guests will enjoy to spend nearly all of their time there. Your children may also have fun close to the pond during their vacant hours. Thinking about guests will also be easier for you with a fantastic sight around.

Constructing a pond calls for careful preparation. It acquires time and effort. You must look at the whole garden Before you start digging out a hole. When was the last time you held a shovel in your hands? Or maybe you have not even held one. That is why you need to carefully plan the placement of the plan because you can't afford to Waste material, time and energy if in case you all of a sudden found out that you don't like the location.

Decide a lasting berth for the fish pool. Think that the pool can affect the overall appearence of the garden so the location had better be the best and the most appropriate. Remember that the pond's location ought be at the middle or highest summit. You can not Potentially afford featuring a pond that's overflowing when heavy rains occur and in any case, the fishes could get out of the pond and get wiped out. Some other important thing that you had better remember is to never place a pond by a deciduous tree. Deciduous trees shed leaves just about everyday and then, it can directly Foul the pond if you do not dispatch the tree debris Day-after-day. You also have to ascertain the size of the pond and it ought be relative to the garden's size. You are able to also decide among another chassises for the pond like rectangular, egg-shaped, square, etc. Simply just keep in mind that it is harmonious and even. Frequently, the size of it and shape of the pond depends upon the kind of fish and aquatic plant* that you design to put in it.

The pond ought to also be placed in a position wherever there's direct sunlight or sunshine so that the plant life and fishes are maintained healthy.

So you see, there are respective factors affected in Building up the pond. But wait, afterward building the pond, you'll now take good care of the pond to conserve its beauty. You can't just leave the pond because soon, the fishes and water plants could pass away because of pollution. Regular housecleaning and proper fish feeding are a few of your duties. You must so to it that you do your duties to keep the pond healthy and prosperous. Sound fishes imply that the pond is in good order cherished by the owners. You will be able to Appeal to more visitors to spend time near the pond if it is clean and beautiful.

Building a pond calls for a lot of time and drive and so is caring for it. So before you start building a pond, you've to ask yourself - can I address the Duties of having a pond? If your reply is yes, go ahead with the task. Now, you can anticipate a more peaceful garden with the addition of the water element.

Bio-Active Pressure Filter - Pond/Water Garden/Koi fish - The easy solution for clear and healthy ponds!

Trust Tetra Pond for maximum performance and superior bio filtration with the rugged Bio-Active Pressure Filter. Powerful Bio-Activator Media provides the key to extreme biological filtration with enhanced surface area. New vortex internal pumping jets ensure maximum water-to-media contact to support bacterial growth and provide for superior bio-activity. A handy backwashing system activates at the click of a button to thoroughly clean the filter without getting your hands dirty. Integrated UV sterilization goes the extra mile to eradicate parasites and algae from your pond's water. External pressurized design may be buried or concealed outside of your pond to help maintain that natural look. A two-year warranty provides the peace of mind you would expect from Tetra Pond. Recommended for use with the TetraPond Debris Handling Pump.

Pond & Waterfall Kit 15x20 From Wholesale Pond Supply - We would all want to live by a water feature like this

Want to bring nature to your yard or garden? This pond kit has all top of the line components ! It comes complete with pump, filter and liner, even a beginner can create a masterpiece with this pond kit. This pond kit contains one of the most user friendly pond filters on the market. A skimmer is designed to take the hassle out of cleaning your pond. The skimmer has an easy to clean leaf basket and a mat,it also includes all installation hardware needed. The Waterfall Box features a 24 " spillway with Mats, mesh media bags, as well as installation hardware. Waterfall box also features 2" bulkhead fitting for ease of installation. The Pond pump included in this pond kit is a solids handling, oil free,energy efficient design with SIC seals and has a full one year warranty. The highly flexible 45 mil EPDM fish pond liner that comes with a twenty-five year manufacture's warranty with protective padding for pond liner is one of the features that makes this pond kit stand out from our competitors. The PVC flex hose included in kit is easily adaptable with any schedule 40 fittings. So if you want your piece of paradise for a great price this specially designed pond kit is right for you. Below are detailed descriptions and parts list.

Proper Winter Caution for Your Fish Pond Outdoors

Garden Pond Tips For Winter - Winter Pond Fish Care

Fishes can be wintered either out-of-doors or in a house.

This will depend on the assembly of the entire

pond according to the inclination of the owner. This

article will bring into focus about things that a hobbyist can do

to properly protect and tend to for his fishes during

wintertime if his pond is situated out-of-doors.

If you're living in an area away from city where wintertime is the most

important season of the year, better create a pond

wherein an allocation of it is around 30-45 inches deep.

This will assure the fishes from long periods of cold

spells. Even more severe than cold water is the

building up of gasses which are poisonous in a pond that

is iced over entirely for a certain amount of time.

Thus, it is required that a part of the pond's

surface is kept open to allow the pond to circulate

air that results to the disposal of deadly gasses and

adds oxygen. You can accomplish this by:

1) Aerator. This is a big air stone that is operated

by an aquarium air pump and that can constantly create a

small opening within the ice. Unfortunately, allocation

is quite important and hard to be arranged exactly.

Ideally, the aerator should be placed halfway

measuring from the deepest part of the entire pond and

ought be monitored often. Chances are, if the

aerator is placed too near from the surface, it has a

tendency to freeze, if placed deeper, it can chill the

entire pond.

2) De-Icer or Heater. There are diverse kinds of

de-icers that can be safely used for performed ponds,

liner or even in concrete. Out of the use of

power, a puncture can be created through the iced

pond where it serves as breathing hole for fishes.

From time to time, the most efficient de-icers or heaters

can produce an ice-free pond even if the wintertime weather

is overpowering.

3) Water pump. Same limitations to an aerator, a water

pump can accommodate an opening on the surface of the pond

but with several conditions. One condition is that the

pump must be mounted on the deepest part yet should be

far enough from the bottom to elude water circulation

additionally far enough from the top so that it wouldn't

solidly freeze. regularly check the pump after all it

can freeze solid or run dry, these can destroy the

stability of the pump.

Covering the pond can be helpful for the fishes and

the accessories used. It can protect the pond from severe

frostiness and will reduce the amount of power

that your heater needs. While, the cover should

all the time be raised to allow gas exchange and avert

toxic substances to reside in the pond. The structure

would turn out like a wooden frame is built over the

pond at its top then it will be covered with

plywood. Insulating materials can follow. The covering

ought possess stability to endure the long days of

snow accumulation.

Last priority is feeding your fish. Actually, you can

drop this idea for even if your pond fish appear to be quite

interested, they will just avoid the food that you'll

give. This is on account of during cold days, metabolism can

be actually sluggish. However, to prevent starvation,

you can supplement them food that can actually be

digested like the ones that are assembled from wheat germ.

Proper care of your pond fishes during wintertime could be

important to your fish especially when it is based


Cherishing your Fishes and suitable Pond Oxygenation

Use oxygenating devices

Pond fishes are really fragile to handle. Right caring As fishes inside your pond calls for day by day Care. Unlike fishes that are living freely Among the different waters, pond fishes Call for more particular attending. As all they do is swim and expect for food to be attended to, there are only few points on how to check if your fish is experiencing sick or if they're given suitable attention.

Oxygenation is one very, very crucial element that an Proprietor has to look at. These can never be depleted in the day-to-day schedule. You've to check if your fish are getting the suitable oxygen that they call for to get Through with the day.

Suitable oxygenation is called for particularly during the Summertime when oxygen is quickly eating up. The scenario would be like this: During summer, the water in your fish pond gets hot because of the heat that Spreads out around your surround. And as the water Gets warm, the lesser oxygen it holds. Ironically, fishes during summertime incline to metabolize food quicker than any other season. This has made more cause to Call for an extended measure of oxygen. Fine thing if you have only a minimum number of fishes living inside your pond. You do not have to concern about their oxygenation. Altho your actually love accumulating fish and every single form of fish is placed insideyour pond, and sadly, your pond is barely the size of your bath tub, this will result to dangerous problem. It’s because the additional fish there's inside a small

pond, the additional oxygen is called for. When oxygen gets Consumed, your fishes can go through insurmountable amount of stress and can turn diseased. A few may occasionally die.

Additional factor that increments the depletion of oxygen is that when fishes are over fed. Apparently, when fishes tend to be fed in a large measure, there are two things that can be expected: one, there is a greater need for oxygenation because of speedy and increased Metabolic process of food once fishes can no longer eat the food, it will be suspended inside the pond permanently and organisms living inside the food tend to decompose waste which still devours oxygen.

Plant life* as well share the profit of oxygen that is Usable. Although people think that plants only use up carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, that comes about only during the wake of day. But when sunlight is abstracted, plants still contribute to the intake of oxygen inside the pond.

What are the another measure that you are able to do to solve the oxygenation problem? Here are some:

1. If you've an overpopulated pond, lessen the number. This can be awful for the owner to do but if can be quite helpful to save more fish lives. This can be considered as your last resort.

2. Use oxygenating devices like waterfalls or fountains Particularly during the night or if medication is given. Keep the operation at a maximum level.

3. Frequent, small changes in water can lessen the presence of microorganisms and chemicals that devour oxygen.

4. Remove extra algae and debris.

5. Carefully feed your fish by applying small, frequent feedings. If in excess, remove food that are uneaten at once.

Remember, suitable oxygenation is equal to healthier fishes in good order cared for living inside your pond

Solar Pumps

I got one set it up and plugged it together and immediately it went to work.

Pump and Filter with Bonus Fountain Head - Excellent filter, Works good - Keeps it clean

The pump works quite well and does create a nice spherical pattern. The head is adjustable so you can make different patterns. For example, it can also shoot jets out perpendicular to the head. There are no instructions for how to change the pattern and it's definitely not obvious, but you just have to rotate the very top of the head. The filter is very large and easy to access for cleaning.

I've tried to use solar-powered pumps and filters in my pond, but they're not powerful enough and tend to get clogged easily and break quickly. This is a much more powerful and sturdy pump with a far larger filter, so it should do the job much better. Definitely a good pump for the price.

Please leave your feedback - and if you got any questions, Let me know

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    • FallenAngel 483 profile image

      FallenAngel 483 

      6 years ago

      Good informative lens. I love my fish pond. My tip for keeping fish fed overwinter is to put some daphnia and bloodworm into the pond in late Autumn. They will breed and will be there for the fish if they want to feed on them overwinter.

    • GregoryMoore profile image

      Gregory Moore 

      6 years ago from Louisville, KY

      How much time is required to maintain a fish pond? I've considered doing one for the look and appeal in the back yard, but I don't want a major time sink. Is there just periodic maintenance involved? Thanks

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very nice info. Now all I need is a house with a fish pond. LOL

    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 

      6 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      We have a running fountain but no fish. Too many birds that like to dine on fish here. I enjoyed reading your lens though and dreaming. Angel blessed**

    • WhitU4ever profile image


      6 years ago

      We are planning to put a fish pond on our property in order to raise Talapia for food. This is a part of our sustainable living course that we provide to the community here in AZ. This is a lot of good information. Aquaponics is popular and gaining. You may wish to do a lens on that also.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have Garden Pond and fishes are in it whole year even in winter, and every spring new fishes grown in it

    • homepage101 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi Mark, Thanks for feed back, Your correct in saying that, it really depends on so many factors, how server the ice is, how cold it is, how long the bad weather lasts, the fish, many fish can be ok and others might be a little less hardy in sever conditions

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What a fun thing to try! If you have cold winters i guess you just choose fish that can cope. Or do you bring them into an indoor fish tank?

    • homepage101 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @cynthiannleighton: Hi Cynithia-Ann, I'm confused as I don't have any photos of pond building

    • cynthiannleighton profile image


      6 years ago

      @homepage101: Now you've got me wondering where those pictures of building the ponds are! My tiny nephews in those photos are nearly six and a half feet tall now:-)

    • homepage101 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @cynthiannleighton: Thanks for comments and feed back, Much Appreciated

    • homepage101 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @DrBillSmithWriter: Thanks for comments and feed back, Much Appreciated

    • DrBillSmithWriter profile image

      William Leverne Smith 

      6 years ago from Hollister, MO

      Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! ;-)

    • cynthiannleighton profile image


      6 years ago

      You're right, ponds are enjoyable. We've got two ponds we made as a family quite a while back. Smaller upper pond, larger lower pond (built up from flat ground) with a "stream" between them. Pumps pushing back up so the waterfall effect can run. Pretty much just goldfish now since they reproduce fast enough to keep up with the blue herons... who ate pretty much all the koi! Thanks for a good lens.


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