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Pugs: Traits and Personality

Updated on June 30, 2011

Pugs,Pugs,and more Pugs

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"Yeah, I still suck on a pacifier.""I know, I know... I'm cute.""Boy do I look cute.""I'm bored.""I love my new toy!""Do I really have to wear this?""What are you looking at?""Now who's The Godfather?""Don't even THINK about getting my hat.""Now, who want's to say i'm not a princess?"
"Yeah, I still suck on a pacifier."
"Yeah, I still suck on a pacifier."
"I know, I know... I'm cute."
"I know, I know... I'm cute."
"Boy do I look cute."
"Boy do I look cute."
"I'm bored."
"I'm bored."
"I love my new toy!"
"I love my new toy!"
"Do I really have to wear this?"
"Do I really have to wear this?"
"What are you looking at?"
"What are you looking at?"
"Now who's The Godfather?"
"Now who's The Godfather?"
"Don't even THINK about getting my hat."
"Don't even THINK about getting my hat."
"Now, who want's to say i'm not a princess?"
"Now, who want's to say i'm not a princess?"

Where Did The "Pug" Come From?

The short nosed dog (that we know today as a pug), existed in China at the time of Confucius around 700 B.C. In (168 - 190 A.D.), Emperor Ling liked them so much that he gave these small dogs rank. (they received the same rank as his wife). He ordered that these pugs have to be guarded by soldiers and fed only the best meat and rice. If anyone tried to steal one of the dogs, they would be sentenced to death.

Their original name was lochiang - sze (1206 - 1333 A.D.) The Emperor would parade all of his dogs in front of his guests. Right after the lions, "green coated nimble dogs" were presented. This was probably the time these dogs were introduced to Europe.

in 1572, William the Silent - King of Holland was at war with Spain. He was always woken up one night by one of his pugs (he took his dogs with him wherever he went) just in time to avoid being assassinated. In 1688 the pug became the official dog of the Dutch Royalty - The House Of Orange. When Prince William traveled from Holland to England to ascend to his throne, his pugs attended the ceremony wearing orange ribbons. The pug spread out all over Europe after the civil war in America.

The pug has many different names all over the world. Mops in Germany and Holland, Mopsi in Finland, Carline in France, and Douguillo in Spain.

Watch this video!!! (you have to watch the whole thing)


The Pug breed is characterized by the short and stocky, heavily muscled body. The most charming trait they have is their face. Although Pugs are small dogs, they are not as excitable as other small dogs. PugsĀ prefer to spend their time with humans, but they can get along with other animals in the house. They typically enjoy staying close to their owner, and will follow them throughout the house. Their social nature makes them suitable for young children, or in homes that have a lot of visitors. However, they will alert their master if someone unexpected enters the house.


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    • nifty@50 profile image


      8 years ago

      That dog on Men In Black was hilarious!


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