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Pukeko-The Bird That Entertains.

Updated on April 28, 2015

A Bird With Character

I could not resist writing this hub as I am lucky enough to live in our beautiful country, New Zealand, where we have forest,beaches and wild life that is unique and treasured.One native bird that Kiwi's have grown to love is the Pukeko.We see them in ads on TV, in local crafts and tiles where they look good with their rich black,blue feathers,big feet and bright red beaks.We also see them in the paddocks on the side of the road and by swamps and streams where they love to hang out.

To me the Pukeko is an amazingly comical bird.However not everyone loves them.I am aware that they can be a farmers worse nightmare because they have a nasty habbit of digging up the good grass in the paddock, roots and all while they search for dinner but to me I enjoy having them around and they are fun to watch and always seem so busy.

The little chicks have a very awkard time as they are born with enormous feet and have to navigate carefully in order not to trip over them.In fact one of the dominaring features of the Pukeko is its enormous feet.

The birds to me are beautiful with their rich blue, black feathers.Rather a large bird they rotate freguently along the river bank keeping to a tight knit group. They call out a high pitched shriek if they suspect danger and start running anywhere and sometimes even in circles.

Large feet, running in circles, loud shriek you can see if you have my sense of humour where the entertainment comes in.They appear at times to be a little stupid as they have no road sense and play russian roulette with the traffic.I often slow down on the driveway and they panic and run every which way it is hard to know what their moves will be.

This hub is my view on a bird I have grown to love and enjoy having around so I have decided to put some effort in a try to take my own photos also.I will have to be clever and sneak up to get good footage as they can run so fast with those long legs I will have to be quick.

My attempts to take photos of the Pukeko

Love them or hate them they know how to entertain

Many kiwi's have grown to love the pukeko as we have been entertained by recent ads on TV that have the clever birds as the main actors.They have entertained us with delight as they go to great lengths to feather their nests and cross the road safely.Unfortunately the safe practice that you can see in the video below crossing the road has not been standard in the natural pukekos life as many of these birds end their days on the roads.They do tend to panic with out thinking and often run straight under the wheels of a passing car.I always go slow on the road when I see them just in case they run out.

These birds have been popular for years in local craft often purchased by tourists.From paintings on tiles,crockery,on materials and trinkets they make for great decoration with their deep blue and black feathers down to their bright red beaks a favourite in many modern decors..

Enjoy the video ads of the trained Pukeko

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    • cangetthere profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Hey that would make an interesting hub.Thanks for commenting.

    • Bygdog profile image

      Bygdog 6 years ago

      Great hub, I had never heard of the Pukeko. It seems every community has the one animal that angers a certain part of the population.