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Puppy Palace Indoor Park and Cafe

Updated on February 5, 2015

New business for you and your Pet

Need the public's input on a indoor park that is in the making as we speak.

What would you say to a Puppy Palace for the small dogs to get out and get their excise or catch a ball and socialize with other dogs as they do in a park out side in the summer?

Do you see your dog hide when it's time for a walk or they sleep and eat to much in the winter cause it's to cold out for them to even go to the bathroom..

Well there is a new idea out there to open up a Indoor Park

And i was wondering what the public thought about this great plan for you and your best friend.

A indoor Cafe to sit after your walk

There will be a Cafe for you and your best friend to relax and have a drink or coffee/tea while your pup try's our home made treats with real chicken and egg and a bowl of water

After throwing the ball around indoors and your best friend has had enough excise for the day you can socialize with other pet owners at the cafe

There will be a clothing line for your pet as well , designed by a local dog lover and all the money's she makes 12.5% of that goes to the helpless and hungry pets at the SPCA to help with the medical they might need until they are found a home to go to.

What do you think about the Indoor Park

Would you come to a indoor park with your pet?

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© 2015 Tanja Radovanovic

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    • Joel Diffendarfer profile image

      Joel Diffendarfer 3 years ago from Ft Collins, Colorado

      Great idea! We have several great dog parks in my area but nothing like that. Update your article with more particulars. Thumbs up.