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Puppy Love: The Adventures of Belle

Updated on July 4, 2016
I'm a cute puppy!
I'm a cute puppy! | Source

Our beautiful double doodle (Labradoodle and Goldendoodle mix) puppy, Belle, was born on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2016. She has nine brothers and sisters, all adorable, however Belle is the most doodliest looking of the litter and totally unbiased here, but the cutest :)

I'm a mischievous puppy!
I'm a mischievous puppy! | Source

Trouble is my name!

I love my sticks and causing chaos!

When Belle was first with us at 8 weeks old, she was quite tricky! Getting her to come inside the house was quite the feat!

Now at five months of age our little girl is catching on to the rules of the house and she is growing healthily (had a tricky time figuring out the perfect food for her but think we have nailed it at last) and becoming strong, playful and independent :-)

She's just so much fun!

I love my toys.
I love my toys. | Source


Belle loves quality time under a shady tree just as much as the next guy, but she loves her playtime too! She loves catch, chasing after squirrels, or birds. She's a big girl at 25 pounds now at 5 months of age and her curiosity is abounding! She likes to nose around and see what everyone is up to, what they are eating and where they are going :)

Just chilling like a villian!
Just chilling like a villian! | Source
I'm a pretty little puppy.
I'm a pretty little puppy. | Source

Let's hang out!

Now Belle is more and more becoming a companion, she seems to listen when we instruct her or just lend an ear while her humans talk about their stressful lives.

In the picture to the right she was a mere 2 months old and unsure of what was expected of her.

She was the one most compatible for us according to temperament testing due to her sweet mellow demeanor, and the first one to come over and give us kisses when we went to meet all the litter!

I play hard but I love my baths!
I play hard but I love my baths! | Source

Bath time is my favorite!

Belly loves bath time! Something about sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a good scrub and tummy rub! and the smell afterwards is just delightful! And a blow-dry to top it all off! Wow, what a life!

Bath time is important to scour your pet clean and give a thorough tick check! We found one during bath time nestled on her neck.

Conquering fears

The first few times Belle attempted the stairs she would bark three times and then run down them. Initially she sat there and contemplated the move. She is now an excellent climber! She can even climb up our legs at the dining room table ;)

This brings us to our next point! Belle is super nosy i.e. friendly and loves to see what everyone is doing and say hello!!

Yes I will conquer these stairs today!
Yes I will conquer these stairs today! | Source
I graduated Kindegarten!
I graduated Kindegarten! | Source

I graduated!

Oh we forgot to mention that we have a graduate on our hands!

Belle graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and is now enrolled in Advanced Puppy Class!

These classes have helped her so much. I'm sure she was exhibiting normal puppy behavior for the most part that would have dismissed regardless, but the socialization she gets and the help in general we are grateful for.

(At 5 months she is doing fabulous and we can almost turn our backs for a minute and not find her covered from nose to paw in ants! yeah that happened.)

Stealer of bikinis!
Stealer of bikinis! | Source

Stealer of bikinis!

We have a thief in the house! From flip flops to bikinis, this girl will get it! She'll shimmy her way to her mat where she has the privacy to really do some damage ;) She'll immediately make progress with those little sharp teeth of hers!

But how could you get mad at that face!?

and she'll make it all better with a big ol' hug :)

The giver of hugs!
The giver of hugs! | Source
Peek a boo I see you!
Peek a boo I see you! | Source


All pretty at the groomer's!
All pretty at the groomer's! | Source

I get all dolled up!

The great part about getting groomed is no bath time with us for a while!

As a doodle, it's recommended Belle has some special grooming time every so often. Especially since she's a puppy it's good for her to get comfortable being at the groomer's and with the people clipping and trimming her. She did great! Not so sure how she liked her new do, as for me I like her natural waves :)

The groomer's asked us what our longterm grooming goals were and we said keep it natural, nail trim, and a trim around the eyes so we can see those beautiful eyes!

Puppy love.
Puppy love. | Source

It's a dog's life!

Well there you have it, the day to day of our pup's life!

From napping together to chasing birds and tasting dead squirrels, greeting neighbors and being the recipient of tummy rubs, the giver of kisses and chewer of all furniture, the lover of water and lazing beneath the tree, the party all nighter and playful girl of nearly 5 months, and most importantly the melter of hearts <3

Enjoying life and offering smiles to everyone!
Enjoying life and offering smiles to everyone! | Source

© 2016 emilybee


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    • profile image

      Ken Burwen 18 months ago

      Great perspective on puppy life! Enjoyed this story immensely!

      Belle has even melted my heart!