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Puppy Training Tips For New Owners

Updated on January 28, 2010

Puppies are almost never too young to start training.

Regardless of their short attention span, you can start training almost right away and it's not nearly as hard as you want to think it is if you take the right steps. It's all in the approach. For that reason, here are some puppy training tips that will help you have fun and train your puppy in those early months.

Puppy Training Tips: The Basics

Potty Training

If you always keep your eye on your puppy, you can ensure you always have a grasp of what they are doing. Ensure they never go to the bathroom in the house and that they don't chew things up. These are bad habits you can curb early merely by watching them hawkishly. For those unable to watch their puppies too carefully, use the crate that you should be training them with already.

Don't just leave food lying around for your puppy. Feed them on a regular schedule. Not only will this ensure an easier time house training your puppy because they will be on a regular schedule, it will curb any unwanted aggression or obesity early.


Many puppy training tips relate to potty training and chewing, but you can start teaching your puppy early how to respect the leash and your boundaries by letting them drag a short length of leash with them while in the house. By doing so they not only get used to the idea of wearing a leash, but you can step on the leash or tie it to a chair to keep them within a confined area.


One of the easiest puppy training tips I can give is to simply handle your puppy. Touch their ears, open their mouths and check their teeth, rub their belly, lift their tails. If you do all these things early, when you start going to the vet or groomer, they will be accustomed to the attention and not cause problems.


Socialization is absolutely vital to a young dog's development. As one of the most important puppy training tips, you should make sure you spend plenty of time introducing your puppy to other dogs early and often. They will never learn how to behave with other dogs if you do not introduce them early.

Of course, make sure you've acquired the right amount of shots for your puppy before socializing too much. It isn't safe for a little while yet when you bring them home.

Puppy Training Tips: Tricks and Commands

 You can start teaching simple commands like sit, down, and stay very early on. It not only creates a bond with your puppy early, it makes obedience training much easier later on. Some of these positions are submissive positions as well, helping to further dominance over your dog and ease their training in the future.

Puppy Training Tips: Consistency is Key

Training your puppy early is a great step in ensuring they are well behaved and enjoyable in adulthood. However, make sure you stay consistent as they grow, always using the same commands and sticking to a relatively similar schedule.

This will ensure that your puppy learns as quickly and as thoroughly as possible and allows you to enjoy your new dog to the fullest potential.


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