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Puppy Mills. Learn the TRUTH about pet store puppies!

Updated on May 16, 2014

Credited to both Gandhi and Immanuel Kant, the quote, "You can judge the heart of a man by the way he treats his animals." is so very true.

Designer dogs and uninformed buyers

We have all seen them, those cute little puppy faces staring up at us from the pet store window in malls across America. And sadly, almost none of us give a second thought as to where those dogs came from.

Designer and purebred dogs are a hot commodity. Maltipoos, labradoodles, cockapoos. Exotic names for the newest cross-bred designer puppies. Where do the pet stores get their puppies? According to the ASPCA, virtually 100% of all pet store puppies and dogs came from a puppy mill.

Pet store employees most likely have no idea where their puppies come from. Do you really think that 16 year old employee has even the slightest clue what a puppy mill is? The manager likely instructs the employees to assure concerned patrons, when asking about the origins of their puppies, to pacify their fears with the promise that the pups came from a reputable dealer. Yeah, right. This is almost never the case, but this is what they will tell you. You are being lied to.

What is the real cost of that puppy?

Behind the scenes at a puppy mill

Maybe you saw the recently aired show on Oprah about puppy mills. Personally, I couldn't bring myself to watch it. Things like that are just too emotional for me. They make me too upset and way too sad, and they should. Puppy mills do not give a damn about dogs, just money.

What is a puppy mill, and why are they so bad? Puppy mills are a large scale, commercial breeding facility, where little to no attention is given to the well-being of the female breeding dogs. Some of these facilities have hundreds or thousands of dogs. The only purpose for these breeding females is to produce puppies.

These female dogs are kept in wire cages for their entire lives, pumping out litter after litter until they die of neglect, starvation, or are outright killed. They have no social interaction with humans, no one to love them, no one to treat them humanly. They live in horrendous conditions, producing multiple litters, acting as mere money making machines. Purebred and designer dogs are big profit-makers.

Pet store puppies- Not such a great deal..


What people don't realize is that when they purchase a dog from a pet store, they are perpetuating the cycle of cruelty. If there were no buyers for these purebred and designer dogs, mostly found in pet stores, the supply would dry up. Sadly, people are uneducated, ignorant or just selfish. Who cares where it came from, as long as you have your little purebred Maltese, right? Who cares that your puppy's momma lived a tortured and horrible existence. People like this make me sick, and are just as bad as the people who run the puppy mills. Did YOU buy your designer dog from a pet store? Hang your head in shame. You are part of the problem, but maybe now you know better.

Did you know that the chances of your pet store purebred being healthy are very, very slim? Go ahead and pay your six hundred dollars for that Pekinese. You will be paying a lot more in future vet bills for treatment of all the diseases and conditions he was exposed to in that puppy mill. According to a report by the ASPCA, puppies are very susceptible to disease, and that pet store puppy has almost certainly been exposed to any number of contagious and deadly diseases. Not such a bargain after all, huh?

In addition, the female breeders are often bred to their own offspring, resulting in genetic defects that may not be evident upon appearance alone. What a cruel thing to do to a puppy.

If you really love dogs...

In addition, the female breeders are often bred to their own offspring, resulting in genetic defects that may not be evident upon appearance alone. What a cruel thing to do to a puppy.

If you REALLY love dogs, and care about their welfare, you would never even consider a pet store puppy. Don't you dare proclaim yourself a dog lover and support the very industry that tortures them.

How do you tell if someone offering purebred puppies is a puppy mill, or just a back yard breeder? There are some signs to watch out for.

The number of dogs is a good indicator of a puppy mill, as is the number of different breeds available. No backyard breeder breeds many different types of dog, and has hundreds or puppies for sale. THAT is a puppy mill.

Check out the link below and see a very comprehensive chart to guide you in determining who is running a puppy mill and who isn't. In fact, check out the whole website. It's a good one.

Do you need more reasons not to support puppy mills? Check out this website to learn ten reasons to avoid puppy mills.

Frankly, with the millions of dogs available in shelters, buying a dog is just sad. Adopt a pound puppy, or adopt an older dog. Save a life instead of taking one.

If you have a strong constitution, and the ability to watch, I have included some videos on puppy mills for you to watch. Learn the truth about where your designer dog came from.

I can't watch any of these, but I have included a link to the puppy mill videos on YouTube. This will show you all the videos.

And remember- Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die.

Charleze Theron investigates puppy mills

SAVE A LIFE- Don't Take a Life!

© 2008 Lady-in-a-Window


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