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Common Courtesy For Pet Owners: Pick Up Your Pup's Poop or We'll Rub Your Nose In It.

Updated on October 14, 2015

A Really Well Trained Dog!

If you don't clean the mess, train your dog to do so
If you don't clean the mess, train your dog to do so | Source

If You Don't Think Your Dog's S**t Doesn't Stink, You're Wrong.

Dog owners In many communities are sometimes surprised to learn that not everyone shares their enthusiasm for pooches, let alone the little (or large) turds they deposit on lawns along their walkways. Well... SURPRISE, but we really don't appreciate it. As a matter of fact, we who have been dumped on would love nothing better than to rub your nose into that disgusting mess No sense in punishing the dog, it's all on you The problem is not so much the dog's, it’s their owners.failure to pick up after them.

But before we do, here are a few ways to make both you and your dog acceptable to your neighbors and avoid that brown stuff all over your puss.

Start off every journey through a neighborhood with a little bag in hand, in your pocket or attached to your dog's leash. There are links below to show you some of the options , prefeably heavy paper in which to pick up and carry your gift away. It is the humane and sanitary way to role - at least in my neighborhood.

As long as we're on the subject, there are a number of things you can do if you use my street as a walking trail. Follow these and you will make a lot of friends on your journey.

  • Always walk your dog on a leash. Six feet is a desirable length. It allows you to maintain control and keep your dog out of flower beds, garbage cans and off people
  • Is your dog a snarler and a nipper? If so, a muzzle could be the solution that can help avoid costly lawsuits. This is especially true if you have a breed known for its aggressive personality. Pit bulls come to mind. There is a preconceived notion about breeds like that that makes people uncomfortable. Play it safe.
  • Incessant barkers and yippers can drive your neighbors crazy. Learn to avoid those things that set them off. Change your route.

This Is The Most Important step every dog owner should follow.

Be a consistent pooper scooper. Always carry a bag and any other necessary tool to remove the mess from your pathway. There’s nothing more infuriating to people than stepping in a pile of you know what. Here is an interesting statistic: If your pup poops three times a day, how many scoops of poop must you scoop to fulfill your poop scooping responsinilities over a 10 year period. Somewhere near 100,000 is the answer, whew.that's a lot of dog s**t.

Even friendly dogs can be a terror to some people, especially if he is a large dog who likes to stand up to someones chest and kiss the person on the nose or lips when he first meets him.. Be cautious around older folks lest you dog knock him to the ground.

Male dogs, especially the younger ones are driven by testosterone. Teach him to follow the commandment that says,”Thou shalt not hump thine neighbor’s leg.”


That's right. Carry a gun and when your dog begins his sex moves on somone, aim a blast of your squirt gun at him. That is usually enough to take his attention away from his tawdry act. A squirt of water will usually calm him, unless his actions have advanced too far.use it

It’s your duty and responsibility.

Nature Calls
Nature Calls

The Pause That Refreshes

When Ya gotta go, ya gotta go . Please clean your mess when you are done!


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