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Pups for fun Part 2

Updated on January 18, 2014
Young Fracy & young son
Young Fracy & young son

Story so far; The year is 1965 and we are attempting to breed Airedale puppies, hoping to make some spare cash also have some fun, We evade the local stud dogs, who are all clamouring anxiously to be the father of these pups, in a hair raising car chase as we take Fracy to be mated.


We arrived at Gerry’s house fifteen miles later, to be greeted by a chorus of barking from his many Airedales in outside sheds.

In my innocence of dog biology, I thought it was just a matter of letting the male and female dogs loose in Gerry’s back garden to have a honeymoon letting nature take it’s course, but it was not so. I was told by Gerry, that to let ‘nature take it’s course’ was asking for trouble. I was soon to find out what he meant. After the usual English custom of a cup of tea, I left Audrey in the kitchen with Gerry’s wife and Gerry,Fracy and I made our way to the garage, where the nuptials were to take place.

Gerry disappeared down the yard to a shed, where the barking and whining had begun again, because Fracy walked out to the garage. A dogs nose is a marvelous thing!

A few minutes later he was dragged through the garage door by a ‘raring to go’ Airedale.This was Tom, and he was eager to get on with the job,

Fracy,not intimidated by this guy at all, as she curled her lip and leapt at him, snarling and growling.

This worried Tom not at all. Tom knew what it was all about. He probably liked girls that played hard to get. He lifted his head even higher and danced around her.

“Okay” said Gerry to Tom “ that’s enough playing around.”

“Hold her head.” he said to me.

I held Fracy’s head to keep her still as Tom mounted her, she was growling menacingly in the back of her throat. I had no fear that she would bite me.

This was the dog that suffered our two young sons climbing all over her and pulling her around. This dog had only snapped at me once, as a pup, when I taught her let me take food away from her. The lesson was repeated continuously to the anguish of Audrey and the kids, until Fracy let me take the biscuit without protest.This dog walked by my side wherever we went. Of all the Airedales I have owned, Fracy was the most obedient of them all.

She yelped as Tom entered her. Then to my surprise, Gerry lifted Tom’s front legs off Fracy’s back and spun him round so they were tail to tail!

I thought to myself “Wow, Is that it?”

“Twenty minutes she’ll hold him.” Gerry said, holding both dogs tails in a tight grip. “Don’t let her move around. She could damage him”

Fracy had no intention of moving. She stood her head in my hands, panting with a kind of surprised but contented look on her face. Tom didn’t need to be held, he was quite content to stand there forever.

Memories of when I was a boy, seeing a pair of dogs in the street that seemed to be ‘glued’ together by their rear ends, was now explained

I was amazed that they were connected and I would have liked to get down and examine how Tom was able to do this.

“The bitch ties the dog,” explained Gerry, seeming to read my mind. Pulling a stop watch from his pocket he said “The movement is made inside her. The female does all the work! She should hold him for twenty minutes!”

The thought entered my mind. What would it be like if we humans mated like this?

Not so much in a garage of course, but being tied together for twenty minutes?

I also had the thought of myself as a younger man, had I the abilities of Tom, how much more popular I would have been with some of the girls I’d known

So, putting these thoughts out of my head I knelt on that garage floor for twenty minutes, making conversation with Gerry. He gave me a great deal of information on the whelping [birth] of pups.

The deal we had made was, that instead of a stud fee, Gerry would have the pick of the litter (first choice of the pups).

Eventually the watch read twenty minutes and sure enough she let Tom go.

Just like most males, he no longer had any interest in her, and was ready to go back to his kennel, for a sleep or his dinner. Whereas Fracy was friendly with him now. She bowed to him and invited him to play, but he stood aloof and disinterested.

We left Gerry’s house for the trip home, to arrive and find our house no gate security in place. Could it be word had got around that Fracy was out of town? Likely they were seeking other areas to patrol.

Enjoying an ‘arrive home cup of tea’, I mused to Audrey “Do you think if we stuck a sign on the gate saying the deed had been done, that the dogs would take any notice?”

“Even if they could read.” Audrey smiled “They’re males, aren’t they.”

So now it was a matter of waiting to see how fertile Fracy was and keeping the dogs away from her for another two weeks. I knew they would return soon, as no doubt the scent message would be winging it’s way through the air that Fracy was home. Once again they would line up to volunteer to be contributors & fathers

To be continued


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