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Putting a pond in your terrarium

Updated on February 10, 2015

This is the filter I got for my tank

This is what I used and how I did it

Used this to make the pond watertight. Got this at my local Lowes.
Used this to make the pond watertight. Got this at my local Lowes.
Finished product!
Finished product!

Setting up your pond

So lately my Bearded Dragon needs some help drinking his water because he doesn't notice the quiet, still, water lying in his water bowl. So i wanted to get something that kinda move the water around a bit and so I started looking at fountains and stuff, but then I got this idea, what if I put a pond in the terrarium? so I start looking around the internet and sure enough someone had done it. So what you need, to make the pond, is some Plexiglas, a filter, and some silicone to seal up the pond. Once you have those things take out all the substrate and hides in your tank, clean it out a bit, and then put in the Plexiglas, make sure its cut to the correct length, then take the silicone and seal it up. Once its dry, put some water in it and make sure that its sealed correctly and then put the rest of your tank back in. And now you have a pond in your terrarium! But before you go and buy the Plexiglas there are a few things you should think about before putting in the pond.

1. Will it take up to much space? Make sure your reptile will have enough space to grow and move around in, you don't want to take off too much space for the pond and not have enough for you pet.

2. Make sure the pond is deep enough for the filter.

3. And make sure that it doesn't mess with the humidity too much, like if you have a Bearded Dragon they don't need a whole lot of humidity. So put it on the cooler side to help with that and don't make it super big either.

4. And you should definitely make sure he can get out if he gets in, you don't want him to drown. He may even like getting in the water!

Some fish you can put in your pond

Tank decorations

Making your pond look awesome

Now comes the fun part, decorating your pond! There are all sorts of plants, rocks, decorations,and (if you have a pet that wont eat fish) fish to make your pond look authentic.

Plants really aren't that expensive if you get them from Petsmart but they don't have that much to choose from, so if you have a local aquarium store i suggest you go there for a bigger variety.

Rocks can be used to hide the filter a little bit (you can do this with plants as well) but to also give the pond a little bit more of a rural feel, like you have an actual pond in your tank.

Now These are the things that are going to break the bank, decorations. Petsmart has tons of them to chose from and most of them can be super cool, like cow skulls and super hero's.

But the fish is really going to make it look super awesome! you can't really get something big like a angelfish or betas, you really can only get something like tetras (which are really cool looking anyway) or something small. DO NOT PUT SNAILS IN YOUR POND!! they can reproduce by the hundreds (they don't really put it seems like it) and they are so hard to get back out once they are in.

Why should I put a pond in my terrarium

There's not a real reason to put one in except that it will lot really cool, but there may be some advantages to put a pond in. One could be the humidity, if you have a snake or chameleon that needs some humidity it won't hurt it, it will probably help it. Or if you have a Bearded Dragon and, like me, don't have hardly any humidity ,or none at all, it could help if you put it in the coolest corner and made sure you have a lot of ventilation.

Cleaning out your pond

As cool as it may look it wont look that way if you don't clean it and sadly a filter wont change that either. So if you've ever had a goldfish in those little one gallon tanks than you'll know how to clean it, if not ill tell you. Its rather mundane and tedious but it usually doesn't take super long, first take out your fish and put in a separate container, then takeout most of the water from the pond, scooping it out with a cup ( you want to leave that little bit of water in there so that way you don't get rid of the good bacteria). Next clean off the sides of the tank and get the algae and gunk off of it, finally just refill the tank pond with water and put your fish back in (don't forget to put some stress coat to make the water clean to breathe). And that's all that you need to do to clean your pond!

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