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Quick & Easy Summer Treat: Homemade Dog Popsicles

Updated on September 5, 2014

As spring turns to summer and the days get hotter and hotter, all of our dogs cherish any ways their families can provide for them to cool down or escape the heat!

My German Shepherd mix Rusty is very active regardless of the temperature outside and as you can see from his pictures below and to the right, he also has a relatively thick coat of fur.

One of Rusty's favorite treats to cool down with in the summer is also incredibly quick and easy to make (5 minutes to prepare, 12 hours or so in the freezer to freeze) and requires only 2 ingredients!

I do recommend enjoying these homemade dog popsicles outdoors, as they can be kind of messy, although if your dog is anything like Rusty he'll do a pretty good job licking up his mess when he's done.

I hope your dog enjoys these as much as mine does!

Preparation Time

Prep time: 12 hours 5 min
Ready in: 12 hours 5 min
Yields: Can serve one dog or many
5 stars from 2 ratings of Homemade Dog Popsicles


  • ice cube tray/small cake pan/other solid container
  • low sodium chicken broth, (I use homemade but dogs usually aren'y picky)
  • kibble/small dog treats/large dog treats broken into pieces


  1. Fill an ice cube tray or other fun shaped dish with low sodium chicken broth. (I use a heart shaped mini cake pan to make one large popsicle but you can use any number of different shaped/sized containers.)
  2. Add a sprinkling of your dog's regular kibble, small treats or larger treats broken up into small pieces.
  3. Place in freezer until frozen. I leave mine about 12 hours, but exact time depends on how big your popsicles are/your freezer temperature. I usually make mine in the evening and freeze overnight, then just take them out the next day/afternoon when Rusty needs a cool treat.
  4. Once frozen, remove tray/container from freezer and remove frozen popsicle.
  5. Head outside, ask your dog to sit or do another command to 'earn' his reward
  6. Watch your dog enjoy his tasty treat....or while he's busy take some time to enjoy a relaxing summer treat of your own!


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    • profile image

      JThomp42 5 years ago

      Great!! Thanks.

    • ShepherdLover profile image

      ShepherdLover 5 years ago from Portland, OR

      Thanks OregonWino! :o)

    • OregonWino profile image

      OregonWino 5 years ago

      AWESOME! What a great idea!