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RFA-67 Battery For PetSafe Collars-Dog Training Essentials

Updated on December 29, 2010

Trying to find these RFA-67 batteries for a petsafe collar can be tough unless you go to the sepeciality pet stores.  Who wants to go their for just a battery.  The RFA-67 battery usually last people about 3-6 months depending on how much it is used with your dog, I personally get 4 months out of them.  The battery is usually used for most no-bark collars and go for about $12.99 in stores when you can get it here at amazon for $5.91.  The no bark collars are a humane way of not getting kicked out your apartment, or condo. 

Trust me it was the only way to keep my dog quiet until I could find a new place.

Save money on batteries

The best thing to do is buy a year supply, I buy 6 packs and that usually lasts about a year or a little more depending, sometimes you get a bad one or two.  But it's better to have to many than to have none when you need them and have to drive and pay more than double the amazon price.

Saving battery life is easy with these to at night take the batteries out of the collars, because collar will slowly drain the battery just like anything that has a battery in it.  I have noticed a large increase of life in my battery since doing this. 


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