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MY HORSE SPOKE TO ME - Psychic Communication with my Horse

Updated on June 4, 2011

Rusty (aka Lightening)

Messages from Rusty

Our two new horses were delivered to our farm and settled in nicely, enjoying their lush new paddock.

We’d had them a few weeks when a local experienced horseman we knew dropped by to check them out. He was impressed with their form and temperaments and looked them over from tail to mane.

He came to Rusty and ran his hands all over him, saying that you could tell that he was a healthy, lithe-limbed and intelligent young horse, and he was keen to work with him if I were to allow it. He came to Rusty’s teeth and screwed up his face in sudden concern. He made comment that Rusty’s teeth were not perfectly straight, with one front tooth slightly lower than the others and dramatized about how that made Rusty a ‘dud’, basically.

I was a touch offended, but listened to what he had to advise nonetheless.

The following day I pondered Rusty’s tooth problem so spent some time sitting in the paddock, while Rusty nuzzled and lipped at my hair. There is a spot where the upper lip meets the horse’s gum and if you gently massage this area it released endorphins (or happy hormones) into the horse’s circulation and pleases and relaxes them. While doing this, I asked Rusty about his teeth.

I didn’t know what to expect, and pondered upon the extent of his malformation in my mind.

I heard a voice in my mind say ‘ it doesn’t matter …’

I then heard, ‘it’s one of my quirks and its part of me. You don’t love me any less and it doesn’t make me any less of a horse. So what if my tooth doesn’t sit perfectly? I can eat just fine and I always will. There’s no need for you to worry.’

I trust his communication 100% and Rusty assures me that he is not at all concerned … and if he’s not worried then neither am I.

* Joanne




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