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Unconventional Rabbit Toys and Where to Find Them

Updated on May 9, 2018
Sara Stietz profile image

Sara is the proud mama of two rabbits, Walter and Eleanor, Helga the cat, and a dog named Dante.

Rabbit Toys from Everywhere Except the Small Pet Aisle

You have decided to embark on the adventure of rabbit ownership, right? After a bit of research you have everything needed to ensure you rabbit is the happiest of them all, including every rabbit toy the pet store had to offer. Why isn't he playing with any of them? The package swore that this toy would keep him happy for hours...don't despair, we've all been there. I am here to share a secret. There are many unexpected places you can find toys to entertain your rabbit.

Your Recycling

You read that right, your trash is full of treasures for your rabbit. Be sure that all items are cleaned thoroughly for your rabbits safety before use as toys.

Oatmeal Container- Remove the lid and plastic ring at the top and the cardboard floor of the container to create a rabbit tunnel, chew toy, and item to climb over. Multipurpose toys such as this are great for preventing boredom.

Plastic Bottle- Remove any paper, plastic wrapping, or adhesive from the bottle before using as a toy. Adding a few popcorn kernels or beads and tightly securing the cap turns this piece of trash into a rattle for your rabbit.

Laundry Detergent Caps- For this item it is particularly important to wash thoroughly to remove any chemical detergents on the cap. Once clean, however, these brightly colored lids make for great toys. They can be stacked, by you, for the rabbit to knock over as an interactive toy or as a solo activity. Many rabbits enjoy the sound these caps make when they hit it on the wall or floor and will move them around for fun.

Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls- Give to the rabbit as is for a chew toy. If you want to take this toy to the next level, stuff the roll with hay or plain packing paper.

The Cat Department

Cats are far more common pets than rabbits. That said they get a much larger area of the pet supply store which equals a lot more toys to choose from. Stop by and find some hidden treasures that your rabbit will enjoy just as much as any cat.

Plastic Balls with Bells- Rabbits enjoy toys that jingle. They will achieve this by rolling the ball around on the floor or grasping it with their mouth and shaking it back and forth.

Collapsible Tunnel- Particularly the multi tunnel options. This toy is especially great for homes with multiple rabbits that enjoy playing 'tag'. Also, larger breed rabbits fit through these more easily than the tunnels designed for rabbits.

Cat Tent- Add plain packing paper, treats, and small toys for exploration play. Rabbits will also use this space to store their belongings. I once had a rabbit that liked to steal money, coasters, and any anything else she could get off the coffee table to hide in her cat tent. I called it her "Treasure Pit".

Litter- Not a toy, but I feel it is worth mentioning that most pet supply stores have paper pellet cat litter that is the exact same product as the small pet litter. At many times the volume and a fraction of the price, this is a huge money saver for rabbit owners.

Eleanor enjoying her cat tunnel.
Eleanor enjoying her cat tunnel.

The Bird Department

I am firmly convinced that the people who design rabbit toys have never owned a rabbit. Do not let the soft exterior and frail appearance of rabbits fool you, they are destructive. Those teeth were made for chewing and the flimsy hanging toys marketed to rabbits just cannot withstand a rabbit for long. It's alright though because our flighty friends, usually, one aisle over have a solution.

Wooden Hanging Toys- The version of these in the small pet department are generally quite small and expensive. I found that those designed for birds are much more sturdy and a better value. These toys have a variety of differently shaped wooden pieces and bells for a nearly perfect rabbit toy. When hung from the top of their cage, the wood chews and bells add another level of play for your rabbit. Curious, by nature, your rabbit will enjoy exploring the different textures these toys have to offer.


Just as people have varying hobbies and interests rabbits have different styles of play. Discover what type of play appeals to your rabbit and try to see the world through your rabbits eyes. Walk through the whole pet supply store and take a second look at your recycling. Your rabbit will thank you because, for them, variety is the spice of life.


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    • DrMark1961 profile image

      Dr Mark 

      9 months ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

      Thanks for some good ideas. I also give my rabbits paper egg cartons. I put some rabbit pellets in the container and then when they chew it up they can get to the pellets. They love dragging the cartons around when they are still full of pellets.

      I also provided my rabbits with PVC sewer pipes (new, of course) for travelling around in their pen. (My rabbits do not live in hutches.) The pipes are inexpensive, easy to install, and even easier to lift up and clean every so often. The cat tunnel looks great in the house, but the piping is definitely sturdier for outdoor rabbits.


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