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Rabbits are prolific breeders increasing your brood fast.

Updated on August 12, 2016

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Benefits of rabbit farming.

The way rabbits dart in their cages and nibble leaves is a good sight to many people. There are many varieties of rabbits among them New Zealand and California white breeds. Engage a skilled carpenter to construct your rabbit cages, at least one metre from the ground. This is important to keep them warm and safe from predators, among them, red ants. Rabbits are known for calving more than ten kits at a go, meaning you have to keep increasing number of cages. You should set aside some cages for the purpose of mating where you house a doe and a buck. Rearing rabbits is not very laborious as you just need to feed them in the morning and evening. Apart from selling off rabbits a farmer can also collect rabbit droppings and urine for use as manure. There are those farmers who mix rabbit urine with water and apply it to farm crops as a makeshift pesticide. With good training a farmer is able to source for the fastest-maturing breeds and best feeds. One should also source training for rabbit disease prevention and treatment. Rather that rely on middlemen who pay very little, a farmers should look for ways to add value to their produce. In this regard there are those creative farmers who make rabbit sausages which they supply to insatiable supermarket orders. Mice rabbit meat is a popular ingredient in kitchens.


Other products a farmer can derive from rabbits.

Apart from earning from rabbit sales a farmer can benefit from:

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