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In the End-Rainbow Bridge

Updated on March 1, 2013

Recently I lost both of my long-time feline friends within one month of each other. They were both about 17 human years old and I miss them horribly! I know you out there who have lost a pet will be able to relate to this myth.

The Norse culture must have had the concept of animal companions, or what we would call a pet. The vet sent me a little book mark with the Rainbow Bridge poem on it and so I looked it all up on the Internet, as I'm prone to do. The Rainbow Bridge as told by Norse Legend:

Norse Myth

This was the sweetest poem and really did give me a small amount of comfort. I guess what really intrigued me was the fact that this poem came from an old Nordic Myth. I find this interesting because some of the courses I take online are studies of Anthropology and Human religion through time. The Norse were very complex people, although you couldn't tell by seeing them in the movies. They were extremely community oriented, despite their sailing the 7 seas. The females of the Norse were very strong and kept the community together while their men were out at sea.

Although some of the myth involves Thor, the true God who transversed the sky and earth was Odin. Odin cut off his hand and hung upside down by one foot, in the Tree of Life just to learn the truth taught by the Nordic Runes. So although Thor, God of Thunder, may have been on that bridge, he is a small God compared to the Great Odin! God Heimdall, another very strong God who survived many different cultures stands guard over the Rainbow Bridge during the night and day. Heimdall is destined to blow the horn during the end of the cosmos.

Despite the Rainbow Bridge, I still miss my kitties more than I can possibly say! Above is my Tiger in her last days. I miss her so much.


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      Alyssa 5 years ago

      I'm so sorry about Tiger and your other kitty. I just lost my 19-year old dog Bandit, who I'd had my entire life and who had saved my life multiple times as a newborn and toddler. I hope the pain of losing your cats eases quickly. Just remember to keep your head up and make them proud of you:)