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Rainbow Place

Updated on July 31, 2016
Two of my critters
Two of my critters | Source

One BIG Surprise

For years I've always been hearing, be careful this horse is dangerous, so I didn't pay too much attention when they told me this mare was dangerous. It was my first morning on this job at a breeding farm for race horses. I was working alone in this barn. So after feeding and watering, I started to do the stalls/

This mare and her 4 moonth old foal had been in the stall for $ months because no one could get near them. to clean stall they would shove wheelbarrow throught the door and pull out as much manure as they could,

WELL, the only thing that saved me was that she fell on the slippery floor beforre she got to me. I stood outside the door, my heart going out to this poor mother. OK. what to do

I remembered seeing a bag of alfalfa cubes in feed area, so I went and got a pocket ful. Everyttime I walked by her stsll I would tap on the top of door, leave an alfalfa cube and continue on my way. By afternoon I was standing there after setting out alfalfa cube

Day2, I slid door open a bit and held cube in my hand. I also cleaned the stall, the two of us eyeing each other carefully. That evening the farrm manager came from other barn to decide who needed hoof trimming, she said how dhe wished she could get this mare done. I asked if mare tied, she said yes, so I told her I'd have mare ready.

Day 3 I had started stalls when farrier came, Mare tied to bards on door. As I came down the aisle with wheelbarrow, manager had opened door, There they were mare with ears pinned FLAT, teeth gnashing and I DO MEAN gnashing , with front hooves stomping WOW

I stopped, said "Baby stop it" SHE DID!! If I had thought about it I would have been surprised, anyhow, the manager looked at me, and said :you take her, So I brought her out, stood her in front of her stall while the farrier did her hooves.

That is the best part of this story. My main job though was halter breaking all the foals in that barn, and everytime I woulld get them to where you could halter, lead them out and pick up all four hooves, I'd come in to find a new mare with new untouched foal, was great summer

but training Bsby's foal was a challenge, her oonly problem was she wanted to keep her basby safe from human's, the only foal I ever trained with one hand while hold mom with the other. And before I ever was allowed to touch this basby, she pinned me to the wall, literally off my feet and her eye right in front of mine. Message was clear don't you DARE hurt hiim. Nuy, I gained her trust


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