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Raising Kids and Pit Bulls Together

Updated on May 1, 2012
Key-lo is a Pit Bull Terrier mix that is adoptable in Spokane, WA.
Key-lo is a Pit Bull Terrier mix that is adoptable in Spokane, WA. | Source

The Media Says No!

The media outlets have clouded the minds of people for years with all negative stories about American Pit Bull Terriers. Thanks to all of that, people who have these types of dogs and children often get harassed and told that they are bad parents. These statements always come from those who have a blind fear of pit bulls.

What the general public doesn't know is that statistically the number of bites and attacks from pit bulls is a very small fraction of the number of pits throughout the entire country. We hear about children being mauled, people getting bit and other dogs getting attacked. We never get to hear about the ones that save lives, take bullets or work as medical response dogs. Heart warming stories like that don't make good news because you can't stir up the masses.

The media has deemed American Pit Bull Terriers as aggressive and mean in nature without providing any facts. They being their news stories with terms like "Another pit bull attacked..." These small phrases have a big impact on society. It leads people to think that its common and that every pit bull will attack. The stories from around the United States of pit bulls biting or mauling is far less then one a day. Even if 1 every 24 hours did occur that would equal 365 bites a year for the entire country. There are millions of pit bulls in the United States. The numbers don't add up to what the media wants you to think.

Kids and Pits

If you've raised a pit bull from being a puppy then you can definitely raise a child. They are stubborn, thick headed and completely horrible at times, just like toddlers. Pit bulls are like any dog, if it isn't socialized it wont know how to act around other animals or kids. There is nothing wrong with having both in the same house, having them play together in the yard or even sleep in the same bed. Would you think twice about letting your child be around a chihuahua? Chihuahuas are more likely to attack or bite then a pit bull. In fact, the numbers are surprising, 5% of properly trained American Pit Bull Terriers will bite while 11% of properly trained chihuahuas will bite or attack.

Training is everything, you must train your dogs to be around kids and what type of play is acceptable and what isn't. Another major factor is that most dog bites or attacks are from male dogs who have not been neutered. Now, when I say most, I mean that over 90% of recorded bites through the CDC are from unaltered male dogs, regardless of breed. Parents also need to train their children on how to play with dogs properly. Many bites occur when small kids play too rough or jump on dogs without warning. Some dogs become startled and will snap.

Dogs and kids can co-exist perfectly fine together, even if the dog is a pit bull. It all comes down to socializing the dog and training both the dog and child. This will save you from unnecessary ER visits and trips to the vet. Spay and neuter your animals, it will save lives.


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