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Raising Old English Game Bantams

Updated on November 6, 2014

Gingers Old English Game

Several years ago I purchased a trio of Old English Game Bantams. They are small and only weigh about 1 pound. They need a warm shelter in winter due to their small size. They will become great pets. I have some that will set on my hand. Old English Game Bantams are beautiful and lay very small eggs. They have a lot of spirit even though their size is small.

Baby Gingers

Old English Game Bantams

The Old English game Bantams are named for their different colors. Mine are called gingers due to the color. There is silver duck wings, reds, black ones, and a couple of other colors.



Raising old English Game Bantams

For wintertime we have an enclosed building. To keep the bantams feet warm we put clean hay down about 2 feet thick. we do not heat their building. The Old English Game Bantam are great for show. This might be a good 4 H project for children. Owners can take them to fairs and win prizes also. They don't take up much room. Advantages they are very tame and pretty. disadvantages are their small eggs and small size. If they are not kept in a warm shelter their feet can freeze. They are good layers and set well.

After 21 days the eggs hatch.

It is important to protects the chicks and small hens from predators. The pen has very small wire which the chicks can not get through. Before they go out into the pen we have brooder boxes built for them. Hays is an excellent source of bedding material.

Above picture my hen and chicks.

The building for the bantams is enclosed good to keep out air leaks. Smaller wire is needed to keep the baby chicks safely inside the pen. If the babies get out they are killed by predators.


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