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Raising Pheasants: Build a Pheasant Coop House

Updated on November 5, 2010

Your Pheasants Need Housing

credit: bugdog/
credit: bugdog/

Raising Pheasants: Intro to Pheasant Coops

The pheasant brings a touch of the exotic to your backyard. This wild upland game bird has a lean body and colorful orange, gold and green feathers that can add an instant sparkle to your backyard poultry collection. Just like when you're raising backyard chickens or raising ducks, raising pheasants requires you to provide these energetic, fast-moving birds with the right pheasant coop or pheasant housing. Such shelter is necessary for healthy, optimal development, whether you're raising pheasants for purely aesthetic purposes or for hunting, meat or pheasant eggs.

Housing Pheasants: Pheasant Bird Space Requirements

In the wild, pheasants roam open fields and plains with nary any restrictions. In a coop, you can't give the pheasants the same amount of freedom but you can ensure the birds have the right amount of room to move around. When raising pheasants, give the birds approximately 0.5 square meters of floor space, though more is of course helpful. Avoid the temptation to cram more pheasants than you have room for into your pheasant coop or pheasant house. Overcrowded pheasants may be more prone to health problems like cannibalism, picking or lethargy.

Building a Coop: Pheasant House Construction Material

There are several kinds of building materials that you can use when you're constructing your pheasant coop or pheasant housing. In the pheasant house, wood often provides the greatest versatility. It's easy to setup, and can be easily cut to provide your pheasants with airflow and ventilation to prevent a build up of fumes, dust and feather particles.

If you provide your pheasants an outdoor run -- a great idea so your pheasants and enjoy some semblance of nature, plus vitamin D-boosting sunshine and healthy dietary supplements like grass seeds -- you'll want to use a sturdy wire, such as chicken wire. Wire serves two purposes in a pheasant coop. First, it keeps your pheasants from escaping. Remember, pheasants can fly so you'll want to top off the run with a wire roof. Second, a wire fence helps keep out predators and animals that may find your pheasants a tasty snack, such as dogs or weasels.

For flooring in a pheasant coop, a pheasant house floor should be a firm surface that's easy to clean. Dirt is the cheapest, but not secure against burrowing animals like rats or mice that may invade your pheasant coop to eat your pheasant food you're feeding. Concrete is easy to clean, but can be expensive. Wood is cheap and easy to clean, but may rot or wear down over time. The best flooring when building a pheasant house depends on your specific budget.

Pheasant Housing: Comparing to Other Poultry Coops

Housing your pheasants is easier than many other kinds of poultry. For example, in comparison to raising quail, pheasants don't need the moist, wet environment demanded by many water-loving types of poultry. It's often a little cheaper than building a chicken coop, because pheasants don't require a roost or similar coop amenities.

Cost-wise, constructing your first pheasant house shouldn't be anymore expensive than building a chicken coop or any other form of poultry sanctuary. Many of the things that pheasants would enjoy in their home, such as a pile of brush in which they can hide, can be obtained for free or at budget-friendly prices from a feed store, farm or forest area.


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