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Rants: What Its Like Living With 4 Dogs

Updated on November 19, 2014

The Terrible Quartet ♥

Lui lui, Zoey, Teddy & Tiny.

Lui Lui
Lui Lui
  • Leng Lui @ Lui Lui

Leng Lui is Chinese for 'pretty girl' and she is! She's about 10 years old (I guess). When she first came, she didn't act distant. She almost immediately fell in love with us, and we her! She's one of a kind because she's super adorable, and when she wants something, she never hesitates to ask!

  • Zoey

Zoey was a stray I rescued, she's about 6 years old, and she's probably the cleanest of all my dogs. She never smells and her ears are always so clean! I've got a good story about her. I took my rabbit to the vet, and while waiting I heard her crying. She had an injured leg, and was dragging it around. I told my dad I wanted her, so he attempted to catch her, but she ran under a car. The owner came to get his car, and my dad told him to wait, cause there's a dog under the car. And to that he said "Well that dog better say his prayers, huh?"

In that few seconds I think I prayed the hardest, and with the sound of the engine, the poor thing dragged itself from under the car, just in time for my dad to grab her. We fixed her leg, cured her of her skin diseases, gave her all her jabs, and here she is, all gorgeous and healthy!

  • Teddy

Teddy is one of Lui lui's children! He looks like a Schnauzer, no? He's two years old & the only MAN in the family (besides my dad), & has a personality of his own! He's very distant, he feels his personal space to be rather important. He's VERY temperamental, but when he's in a good mood, he's super fun to play with. He loves running, yes. Must've been some Jim Fixx in his previous life HAHA.

  • Tiny

Last but not least, I present to you my favourite of the four! Don't get me wrong, I love ALL my sweethearts, but the reason why I like her the most, is because she's almost human. She talks when she wants something, when she sees me returning from a jog, she howls in anger that I didn't take her along, and she enjoys sleeping on pillows. The ONLY dog I know who sleeps on pillows. She's super loving, and resembles a Dachshund. She's long and short, and super adorable. She's two years old too!

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What It's Like:

  • Having To Share Everything With Them

If you have dogs, you know you feel my struggle, brah. You can't eat anything in peace, can you? Imagine 4 times that pain. If I'm having lunch, more than 1/2 of my lunch goes to them, with their pitiful faces like as if we don't feed them!

& when you don't give them what you're eating, you feel super bad, so in the end, no matter how strong your will is, they would've stymied you. *sighs*


Fur in your food. Fur in your water. Fur in your eyes, in your baked goods, when you're cooking, on your clothes even AFTER doing laundry. Fur on every furniture, fur on the piano, on the remote controls, on the car, on all my HEELS (which is bad cause I have to spend 20 minutes cleaning them if I want to go out. Fun.), on the stand-fan, everywhere! Fur in your pencil cases, on your towels, up your noses, & anywhere else you can think of. :(

& every evening when we take a broom to the floors, we can build another dog from a month's worth of hair collected.

  • Buying 4x Treats

When Teddy & Tiny were puppies, we used to buy them treats and those chew toys made from meat. & ALL OF THEM would fight for it!! So then I had to buy 2 more for the other two 'overgrown puppies'.

Also, if we have bones leftover from a meal, we have to make sure there are 4 equal proportions of the leftovers, or we' have puppy faces following us all night.

  • When The Weathers Hot, There's No Place To Sit

Although Malaysia is all-around hell on Earth, there are certain time of the year where the weather is even worse! & during those days, we usually allow our dogs to laze around in the house. & where do they choose to laze around? On our couches. They're made of PVC & they're very cooling, so literally, there wouldn't be any place for us to sit, & we are forced to sit on the floor.

Superior species indeed.

  • The Howling

They howl at EH-VEREE-THING! At stray dogs, at the newspaper man, at the mattress man, at the recycling man, at the ice cream man, at the postman, you name it! What's worse is that they howl at 3 a.m. at absolutely nothing!

How creepy is that?

  • Endless Barking At Wee Hours

Fortunately, my neighbours are super cool with them barking, because they don't have dogs, so, in a way, they have a sense of security. They have cats, but let's face it, what would a cat do? (No offence, ye cat lovers).

It's annoying sometimes, but among the years, everyone just got so immune to four dogs barking & howling with synchronization.

  • Intruders Away!

We literally never have to worry about intruders. Not only are my dogs trained to attack, we leave 3 of them outside, & one inside the house. So either way, if you want to rob my house, you're digging your own grave. & don't let their adorable faces fool you, they can be mean as hell! We usually go out for dinner or go to shops without locking our gates, & literally have nothing to worry about.

  • Having To Train 4 Dogs

"One bad apple can ruin a barrel" they say.

I've never had four dogs at a time, & it was exceptionally difficult to train them on areas such as not doing their business until we take them out, to not fight, to not pull their chain when we take them for a walk, to not attack family members, cats & so on. The only thing we can't train them on, is the late night barking. Dogs will be dogs, there's only so much you can do right?

Also they love tearing up tissue paper & leaving them around the house. What's up with that?

  • Walking 4 Dogs = Workout!

These days we actually just leave them behind our house, so we didn't have to take 4 individual dogs for a walk. But before that, we used to take them out for a walk one by one, & because my parents worked late, I had to do it. It was really good exercise, I admit. You'd be so dead tired because one dog takes at least 15 minutes of sniffing around before they choose a spot.

& the best of them all :

  • You're Never Alone!

The days when I was away for my studies, I would be so sad most of the time (stress, you know). But when I returned home, with the amount of love they give, you'll just feel all the stress melting away.

Also, when mom used to work late, dad would be talking to the dogs till she got back. HAHA.

They are a part of my family, and although I have no brothers or sisters, I have them. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

A man's (or woman's) best friend, indeed! :)

There are no better cures for loneliness, than the love of your pet. :)
There are no better cures for loneliness, than the love of your pet. :) | Source


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