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11 Cutest Pets Like Toys

Updated on March 17, 2016

Are you fascinated for a small and unique toy resembling pet? Or a pet appropriate for apartment living and good with children? There are countless options touting their benefits, you may find these selected pets to make your choice.

1: Fennec Fox


Fennec foxes are one among the most demanded exotic pets which are groomed like toys. Know more about Fennec foxes-


Fennec foxes are the smallest fox from its family. They have big ears around 6 inches that distinguishes them from other members of fox species. They are great to deal with fluctuating temperatures of desert areas, that’s very hot at day and moderately low at night.

Facts about Fennec Foxes:

Origin: Sahara desert and North Africa.
Size: Length: Average – 9.5 to 16 inches
Weight: 1 to 1.5 kgs.
Life Span: Average, 5-7 years

2: Grey Panda

Grey 'Red Panda'
Grey 'Red Panda' | Source

Grey Pandas are some rare born grey color red pandas from Nepal and Bhutan, they are not a separate species or animal. In Nepal they are recognised with Nepali name “ponya”. Ponya means “who eat plant or Bamboo”. They are very rarely available and most demanded exotic pets in Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Grey Pandas Facts:

Origin: Eastern Himalayan Range on India, Bhutan, Nepal, China
Body Length: 20-24 inches, tail: 20 -24 inches
Weight: Approx., 5.00 to 6.00 kgs
Life Span: NA

3: Red Panda


Red Pandas are small animals like a small cat or big racoon. They are identified as endangered animals, less than 10000 red pandas are left. Red Pandas are dependent on Bamboo trees. And rapid decrease of bamboo roused them gravely. They are very adorable, wise and great gymnasts. Their Red-and-white markings, long bushy tail and soft, dense fur provide them a look like small toys.

Facts about Red Pandas:

Origin: Eastern Himalayan Range on India, Bhutan, Nepal, China

Body Length: 20-24 inches, tail: 20 -24 inches

Weight: Approx., 5.00 to 6.00 kgs

Life Span: NA

4: Teacup Japanese Spitz


Firstly about the controversial word “Tea Cup”, many breeder and pet lovers hate to call them Tea cup puppy. They believe, some backyard breeders who purposely breed unhealthy runts at high prices to make a few bucks. There is no "Miniature" Japanese Spitz.
Japanese dogs are bred to be alert, bold and aggressive. In the same ways, these little dogs are good as a house protector and guardian. They very active and alert watch dogs. Their long haired, thick under-layer, pure white coats and bushy long hair tail, curled over the back give them a look of toy or teddy

Facts about Teacup Japanese Spitz

Origin: Japan

Height: 12 - 15 inches (30 - 38 cm)

Weight: 11 - 20 pounds (5 - 10 kg)

Life Span: Around 12 years

5: Teacup Yorkies

Teacup Yorkies
Teacup Yorkies | Source

Teacup Yorkies or Miniature Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs around the world. In year 2006, they were second most demanded dogs in America. They are highly intelligent with good sense of humour that may behave tenacious sometime. This dog was developed to catch rats in clothing mills, also used for rat-baiting. Yorkies have long and soft fur and black round nose and eyes looks like a button. That delivers a manifestation of the toy.

Facts About Teacup Yorkie

Origin: Yorkshire, England

Height: 10 - 15 inches (30 - 38 cm)

Weight: 4 to 7 pounds (1.81 to 3.17 kg)

Life Span: Around 12 years

6: Mozambique Teacup Maltese puppie


Maltese are a most intelligent, calm and lively dogs from the toy size dog breed. They are active, cautious and peaceful by nature. They are also recognised as Miniature Maltese, Teacup Maltese, Toy Maltese and Teacup Maltese, though many breeders believe Maltese are the only original breed and these miniatures are just a smaller version of Maltese who are naturally smaller than standard size of their breed. Like Teacup Yorkies, Maltese are also one among most demanded dogs. They are most appreciated in Italy, Maltese were a fashion icon by Italian girls .

About Teacup Maltese

Origin: Malta

Height: 10 - 15 inches (32 - 40 cm)

Weight: 5 to 9 pounds (1.90 to 3.30 kg)

Life Span: Around 13 years

7: Marmoset


Marmosets are an active and a small monkey resembling creature that has moderately long tail. Usually their lives on the upper canopy of high trees and are able to make long jump quick movements. They are dependent on feeding insects, fruit and leaves, flowers and insects. At present, they are identified in endangered category, the huge demand for marmosets to use for medical experiments effected their presence. They are greatly demanded as for model organisms in areas of research, because they are the most common non-human primates to be experimented on for medical experiments.

Facts about Marmosets

Origin: They are native to South America and have been found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru.

Height: 12 - 15 inches (30 - 38 cm)

Weight: Males average, weight is 256 g and females around 236 g.

Life Span: NA

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8: Finger Monkey


Pygmy marmosets are the smallest member of marmoset family, because of their small finger like size, they are also known as "finger monkey" or "pocket monkey". Like common marmosets, they are also acknowledged to endangered monkey species.

Facts about Finger Monkeys:

Origin: South America, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru.

Height: 8 to 10 inches

Weight: Average, weight is 225 grams.

Life Span: NA

9: Capuchin Monkey

A Capuchin Monkey, Riding Australian Border Coolie Dog
A Capuchin Monkey, Riding Australian Border Coolie Dog | Source

Capuchin monkeys are considered to be the most intelligent of New World Monkeys. They got their name capuchin, from a group of friars named the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. In the 15th century, when these friars reached Americas they found small monkeys who resembled with their uniform, so they named them Capuchins. Capuchins monkeys carry a black cap like mask on the head.


Facts about Capuchin Monkeys:

Origin: Northern parts of Argentina, North America and South America.

Length: 30 – 56 cm (Without Tail) or 22 inches.

Weight: Average, weight is 2 Pounds.

Life Span: 15 – 25 years (In Wild), up to 45 years.

10: Teacup Persian Cat


The teacup Persian cat is a small, long-haired cat with round face and short muzzle. Persian cats were imported to Europe from Persia in 1620. They got popularity in the 19th century. In early 19s they were the most popular breed around the world. Though, they are declining admiration in France and Germany and Britain, but still very popular in America. Teacup Persian cat are not a separate breed of cat, they are just a Persian cat of small size.


Fact About Teacup Persian Cats

Origin: Persia.

Length: Approx. 4-7 inches.

Weight: Average 3 - 8 pounds.

Life Span: Approx. 10 years.

11: Himalayan Cat


The Himalayan cats are a sub breed long-haired cat identical to the Persian cats, but they have exception of its blue eyes and its point colouration. Many breeders believe that the Persian long-haired cats are descended from Pallas's cat, which were originated in Britain by mixing Persian and some other cats. However, their origin is not clear and controversial. But they are sweet-tempered, intelligent and generally very social and good companions.

Facts about Himalayan cats:

Origin: Himalayan Mountain region (Bhutan, Tibet, China, India)

Length: Approx. 6-10 inches.

Weight: Average 10 -18 pounds.

Life Span: Approx. 10-14 years.

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