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Rat Revenge

Updated on March 21, 2017

Chapter 2

Rat Revenge

A few days later, Freddie called another meeting to relay his war plan. “Friends, I have accomplished the task you gave me of drafting a road map for a war against Johnnie. In a few days, we shall observe Radar Harvest Day. Based on my assessment, this is the best time for us to strike.

“Why don’t we call it the ‘Third World War’?” asked Green. The young rats were called by the color of their skin. The female young rats were called "Pink" and the young males were called "Green."

“This is not a world war.”

“Then let’s call it ‘civil disobedience.’”

“Civil disobedience means you will be forced to engage in bloody street battles with Johnnie’s entire police force.”

“We are used to that. What difference does it make now?”

“I want you to stop interrupting me,” shouted Freddie as he stamped his foot and aggressively plucked some hair from Green’s mustache. “This is not a joke. There are blood and death involved in what we are planning to do.”

“Don’t brutalize my brother, you are not Johnnie,” said Pink.

“I’m capable of stepping into his shoes.”

“You may even step into his skin if you want, as long as you keep my brother alive.”

“Let me continue. All adult males will be responsible for finding slings, flaming arrows, and bows, stones, pangas and sticks to fight Johnnie.”

“We are the bereaved moms and we are determined to avenge the death of our children. What is our role?” asked Bogey.

“Cooking food for our fighters on the battlefield will be your task.”

“We are young and energetic. We are ready to blow off the head of that good-for-nothing animal. How do we do it?” asked Green.

“Ten thousand bunkers and twenty thousand ditches will do it.”

“That is a lot of work!”

“You are ready to go. I know you are.”

“We are young and beautiful, but we are as thirsty as lions. We are ready to jump on that bloodthirsty criminal and give him a spanking of his life. To which group are we attached?” asked Pink.

“Digging one million tunnels will be a thing of beauty.”

“Give us a concrete war strategy,” said Sortie.

“We shall have one regiment made up of forty-eight battalions. Each squad will have not less than one thousand fighters. I will be the overall commander. The war will start very soon.”

“In a month, right?”

“No! This war has to be launched quickly and expeditiously before Johnnie knows about it and swats it. I am talking of days”

“I have a song I want our comrades to learn,” interrupted Mama. “It is entitled ‘Johnnie Must Go.’ We should all memorize it before we embark on the war.”

“We don’t need your boring songs. We need rock and roll,” said Green.

“If you guys are no serious about this war, you might go spinning and break-dancing into your graves before this nightmare is over.”

“Okay. Go ahead and teach us.”

Then Mama stood up and taught the song:

Johnnie must go,

The beast must die,

Our children must live.

On Radar's Harvest Day, Johnnie organized a special banquette for his friends. The dinner menu included all kinds of nuts, fish, cheeses, caviar, chicken legs, frog legs, all kinds of salads and vegetables, crackers and a lot more. He and his guests celebrated and became too drunk to understand what was going on in their backyard. While the dinner party was still going on, Freddie assembled his fighters at every entrance of Johnnie’s Mansion. He first sent ten intelligence officers to spy on Johnnie, but they joined the dinner party instead. Johnnie spotted them, jumped on them and killed them. Then Freddie dispatched ten more spies, but they too joined the celebration. Johnnie killed them as soon as he saw them.

The disappearance of his spies made Freddie anxious. Then he decided to command the battle. He had given his warriors a password, that when they heard him shout “JMG!” they should start the war.

“What does that stand for?”

“Johnnie Must Go!”

“That sounds like a good bio.”

“We need to get going!”

When the celebration was about to reach the climax, Freddie shouted:“JMG!” And within seconds, the war was in full gear. Mama started singing: “Johnnie must go. The beast must die. Our children must live.” All the fighters started chanting. As the shouting and the singing grew louder and louder, Johnnie and his friends became confused, for they did not know where the noise was coming from. By the time they came outside to find out, Freddie’s fighters were roaming the compound with their weapons drawn ready for war. Being caught unawares, the terrified cat and his friends took to their heels and scattered in different directions as flaming arrows and bows started flying from every corner towards them; and stones started blasting window glasses of his palace. In an attempt to capture Johnnie alive before he escaped, Freddie disconnected the electricity to blur his vision. In a matter of minutes, many of Johnnie’s friends were dead. But Johnnie and some of his guests managed to escape with serious sling-shot wounds and disappear into total darkness while being pursued by Freddie’s soldiers.

“I am still the president of Radar!” shouted Johnnie as he disappeared into the pitch-black night.

“We are now in charge of our nation. Go away you little mango head,” shouted Freddie with his weapon raised up in the air.

After Johnnie had been expelled from his palace, Freddie instructed his warriors to check in every corner to ensure that no cats were left hiding. After it was established that the situation was under control, Freddie and his fighters buried the dead cats in a mass grave. That night, Freddie and his fighters ate, drank, danced and celebrated their victory over Johnnie until the next day.


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