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Rawhide Chews For Dogs - A Review

Updated on January 17, 2013
Good Boy Knuckle bone chews
Good Boy Knuckle bone chews

Some people say that you shouldn't give rawhide chews to your dogs because of a variety reasons such as the rawhide will expand in their stomach when it absorbs water, or that it can be choking hazard, or that there is no point in giving it to dogs as it has little nutritional value.

As a dog owner myself, I have found that giving rawhide chews to dogs is fine, as long as you supervise them, especially with each new shape chew that it hasn't tried before.

There is a type of rawhide chew which is crumbly and are often called muchy bones/sticks.  These are bits of rawhide held together in flour and are often coloured.  If i buy these ones, i would try to get the non-coloured ones as colouring cannot be good for any living thing.

The other tye of rawhide chews are the ones that are from buffalo, cow or pig skin.  These are almost 100% protein and the rest is usually water (maybe 1%).  The pork hides are sometimes also coloured and are a little fattier than the others.  However, the oiliness makes the chew a little softer.  Some rawhides are bleached to become white in colour.

I used to buy the flat cow rawhide strips for my small dogs, because the bigger ones were thick and were often left uneaten.  These thin strips, i thought at the time, were perfect because it didn't require so much effort to chew them.  All the dogs were fine with eating them, except one dog who would choke when eating it as the flat thin strips would stick to the roof of his mouth and cause him to cough.

I switched to the rawhide twists and never had a problem with small dogs eating these.  When they got bored of them, i would just take them away and give it to them another day.

With the big dogs, rawhide twist chews were simply useless as they would just swallow them without even chewing.  I found that some large dogs would be ok with the knuckle bones or the cigar chews.  But for those that swallow these as well, you can get the large flat rawhide chews, and they will usually take their time to eat it.

If these chews do not work for your dog, then you should think about getting harder chews like beef/lamb bones, nylabones and other tough chews.


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      Mike 5 years ago

      I think rawhide is a great treat for your dog and is rich in proteins and low in fat. My dog loves them and I buy only premium quality. Have you tried bully sticks? They are a great delicacy, my dog LOVES them. I found some excellent quality bully sticks at