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Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Dog From A Rescue Shelter

Updated on July 19, 2017
"To the world you may be just one person, But to one person you may be The World!"
"To the world you may be just one person, But to one person you may be The World!"

Are You Considering Adoption But Are Still Unsure?

Puppy's are fun and playful, and of course every child in the world wants a baby animal to play with! However, a dog can be just as great, and in some cases better! Below you will find some of the top reasons why you should consider getting a dog from a shelter, instead of buying a puppy from a breeder.

1. You Could be Saving a Dogs Life!

Shelters have to put down hundreds of animals each day all around the world, because they do not have the resources to care for an over abundance of pets. The second a dog is dropped off in a shelter, their clock starts ticking! They will only be kept for a set period of time, and if no one comes to adopt them, they will be put to sleep. This is how they make room for other animals who are in need of care and a new home.

Often times they are amazing animals who would have made a great addition to any family, but they were not given enough time to prove this, or they were not exactly what someone was looking for! If more people adopted from animal shelters, then less dogs would have to be put down. You could be a hero for one of those animals who may have otherwise been killed!

2. They Are Great Company!

Another important reason you should consider adopting a dog is the company they could provide. Dogs have proven time and time again that they live up to their reputation of being a man's best friend. When you bring a new dog into your home and shower it with love and affection, that dog will return the favor with loyalty and protection.

If you live alone, having a dog could mean having someone to talk to and play with, someone to entertain you and provide social comforts that you otherwise would not be getting. Puppy's are a lot of work and very hyper, but an already trained dog comes ready to go!

3. They Provide Protection and Security

Your laying in bed and hear a noise downstairs, but you live alone so your afraid to go check it out. This could be a terrifying scenario for anyone who is by themselves at night. A dog could help to ease the stress and anxiety of situations such as the one above! Even if there were nothing to worry about, at least you would have a sense of peace! On the other hand, what if there was an intruder? They would not get far once they came nose to nose with Fido! Protection is the leading reason why people have dogs, and there is a very good reason for that! Puppy's cannot protect your home or children, but a dog can!

4. They are Arcady Trained

Do you really want to deal with the hassle of training a new puppy? The messes on the floor when you come home from work. Everything in your home getting chewed on. It is a lot of work to teach a small dog how to ask to go outside before they go to the bathroom, and it can sometimes take weeks to do so. That is a lot of time for them to ruin your home before they understand right from wrong, and a lot of chewed up slippers!

If you get a dog from the pound they are likely already trained to go outside and not on the expensive carpet. They already have a basic understanding of right from wrong, and some shelters will even train dogs that come in untrained, so you can take comfort knowing your adopted dog will know right from wrong!

You can make a difference!
You can make a difference!

5. Your Money Is Going Towards a Good Cause, Not In A Pocket

When you get a dog from a shelter they will charge you a small fee, either a flat fee for whatever type or size they are, or they ask for a donation. This money goes towards caring for animals who otherwise would be starving on the streets! This allows shelters to stay open, and take in animals who are abused, neglected, or unwanted.

Buying from a private breeder just puts more money into their pocket! They do not care about other animals, and probably do not even care about their own! Animals are just a paycheck to them! Support the animal community and adopt rather then supporting a single person!

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6. Rescued Animals Can Be Amazing Friends

Some of the best animals I have ever know were rescued from abusive situations. Perhaps they understand that, and maybe they know you saved them, so they are more loyal and loving towards you. Whatever the reason, animals who are rescued from abuse can be some of the greatest pets to own!

I have had a couple of friends who will only own rescued animals for this very reason. They don't have any explanation for it, but swear that there rescue animals are just different. There behavior and demeanor just doesn't compare to a dog who has been raised in a different situation. I think dogs understand more then we give them credit for, and they know you saved them, and they return that favor the only way they can, with love!

They Just Want To Be Loved!
They Just Want To Be Loved!

Please remember that the choice to adopt any animal needs to be considered strongly, and several factors need to be thought about first. Make sure that you are financially able to bring a new family member into your home. Dogs are not free entertainment and shelters are full because so many people did not think about this before they got a puppy. You will need to be able to afford food, shelter when you are not home, health care for when they get sick, toys, and anything else that may come up in the future. Something else you must consider is time, and if you have enough to devote to a new animal. If you are never home and do not have any time to spend walking or playing with your friend you should pass on adoption.

Do you have other animals that are not going to get along with the new addition, do you have small children you may end up being uncomfortable having a dog around, or are there any doubts that you have in your mind about adoption? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to pass on the whole idea. You do not want to be the reason a dog ends up in a shelter waiting for a new home that they may never find. If more people were responsible in making this decision and more people understood the importance of this choice, then shelters would not be over crowded now. Please keep these things in mind before you chose to bring home a new dog or puppy.

They may not be human, and they may only be helpless animals but they should be looked at as an important part of your family and should be treated just as good as you would treat any of your family members. A good rule of thumb to live by, if you would not do it to your Grandmother, then do not do it to your dog.

Adopt A Shelter Dog: Save A Life

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    • renee21 profile image

      renee21 2 years ago

      I will always get my dogs from a shelter. Great hub! Voted up!

    • mireland19 profile image

      Meagan Ireland 4 years ago from Maine

      I know it is an extremely vicious circle because, as you said, the best families cannot afford to adopt. Since so many people give puppies away cheep when they are not papered it is an easier route for those people to take. You know that is terrible because if you are going to put the dog down anyway then you are not going to make money on it, so why not give it one last chance at life and lower the cost or, worst-case scenario, give them to a loving home. When I go to a shelter I have such a hard time leaving. I used to work with children who liked to go see the animals and when I would go I would literally want to adopt every single animal in there. It is just so sad that they have no say in life, no voice of their own, and they did not ask to be born and not wanted. I just wish that instead of putting the animals down they would find people who would take them in for less of a fee or as I said above for free. Thank you for the comment I love knowing that there are other people in the world who feel this way as well. I only wish there was a way to utilize all of the people who feel strongly about this and actually change things in the world :(!

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 4 years ago from Central Texas

      We are in total agreement about adopting shelter dogs. The unfortunate fact is that shelters -- or at least many of them --have exorbitant adoption fees and many families that would/could provide a loving home simply can't afford to adopt. I think all of us that are animal lovers should try diligently to find a way to limit adoption fees so the average family can adopt a furry family member before they're put to death. There's a shelter in a neighboring county to me that runs ads on Craig's List saying something like "if you don't adopt this pet by 5 p.m. tomorrow he'll be euthanized" -- BUT they don't lower their exorbitant adoption fee so people can! Looks to me like they'd rather put the pet to death than lose money on it -- sad, sad. Again, great article -- thumbs up! Best/Sis