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Reasons for Not Keeping Wild Animals

Updated on April 9, 2015

Baby Chimp in Zoo


Examples of Wild Animals Not to Keep

Chimpanzees and Apes

People may wonder why they could not keep a chimp at home. They are so cute when they are little. They have seen them in the movies. But the truth is that they can get extremely aggressie. They are the animals that are most like human beings. In the wild they fight and they go on hunts for monkeys for food.

You may have seen the scientist Jane Goodall with the chimps and it all seems so nice. But she is a scientist. She may also have had a lot of bananas. I am attaching a link to the website with her name that tells people that it is not a good idea.I was an extra on the movie "Buddy." The lady in that movie keeps an ape and chimps. She eventually must given them up. We were given notes saying not to look at the animals. It said that it could be dangerous. That does not sound like a good thing to be happening. They are still wild animals.

You can become a chimp guardian by donating to help them on the Jane Goodall website. It is one way to help them.

There was a woman in Connecticut that was keeping a pet chimp. It had been there for years. She was with her friend and her friend had her face bitten off. They figure the chimp was angry that it was locked out. Chimps are extremely strong. They are really too strong to be pets.

Apes may seem very cute when they are young. They are really too large when they are grown for people to handle. It is not that they will get mean. They are just wild animals.

Tigers and other Wild Cats

Tigers are not a good animal to keep as a pet. They are a large animal and if it were to become angry, you would have no chance. They are never really going to become tame. It was on the animal channel about a couple having one as a pet. The pet killed the woman when she came to feed her. The animal is a predator and it will act like one.

Wolf and Coyote Dog Hybrids

These animals can be very dangerous. They will still retain some of the wild side of the animals. You would never be sure what the animals would do next. They will never be like other dogs. It is said that if you give a wolf dog a toy it will consider it its own. It might even kill someone that went near it to protect it. It would of course, be very dangerous near any children.


Ferrets are banned in California. It is a good idea that they are banned. They are still wild and should not be put in a cage. They are legal to keep in Oregon and I saw one in a cage. It is not a good thing for the animal. It had a treadmill and kept using it in a very nervous way. Wild animals are not meant to be kept in cages.

Western Lowland Gorilla and Lizard

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Western Lowland GorillaNile Monitor Lizard
Western Lowland Gorilla
Western Lowland Gorilla | Source
Nile Monitor Lizard
Nile Monitor Lizard | Source

Snakes and Lizards

These animals are not the easiest to keep. Some of them could be easier to keep than others. A small lizard might be a suitable pet. But the larger ones can bite and be dangerous. There are lizards that have bites that can be infectious and lethal. One is the Nile Monitor that is from Africa. A man died because he was addicted to keeping his lizards.

There are snakes that are poisonous and would be lethal if they bit someone. Also the antidote to snake bite is very expensive. A boa constrictor is of course, not a good idea as a pet. They could potentially kill children and small animals.

There are people that keep snakes to sell the venom for medicine. They need to be very careful with them.

Wolf Dog and Bengal Tiger

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Wolf DogBengal Tiger
Wolf Dog
Wolf Dog | Source
Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger | Source

More Reasons Not to Buy Exotic Pets

For some of the dangerous animals, it is hard for the trappers to get them. In order to get them they would have to kill off perhaps the mother or other animals. That is shown in one of the movies where they are trying to capture some wild chimps. The parents are killed and they take the baby chimps. It is of course, terrifying to them.

For the idea of wild birds, they can be shipped in crowded, bad cages so that many of the birds don't survive. That could apply to other animals as well.

The animals that are wild need special food that is not given them as pets. It can make them sick.

Because many of the animals are too hard to handle they need to be given away. There are few places that can take them.

If the animals get away it is very dangerous for other people. Not only that, it is dangerous for the animal.

People That Keep Wild Animals

Experts say that people that keep them can do it out of a need to get attention. It is a different thing to do and it makes them feel important. No matter what people may say to them they cannot stop it. It can get like an addiction for them. The animal is fulfilling a deep seated need. They are most probably misreading the actual relationship that is there with the animal.

When the animals sometimes turn on their owner, it is too late.

Sometimes it is not even that the animal is a pet. There is the man that was in Alaska that was trying to be friends with the bears. They were still wild animals. It went too far one day and one of the bears attacked him. They had it on tape. He was killed along with his girlfriend.

Dangers of Keeping Wild Animals

Blackfooted Ferret



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    • WhiteMuse profile image

      M Ziel 2 years ago from San Francisco

      Wild animals cannot be kept inside. It hurts them. The first cats were supposed to have approached men. Ferrets are wild and need their freedom. It is illegal to keep them in Calif. Experts said that about people that keep exotic pets. It is OK with me re cats. I notice people on here like exotic pets. Just to feed them is too much.

    • DrMark1961 profile image

      Dr Mark 2 years ago from The Beach of Brazil

      "Experts say that people that keep domestic cats do it out of a need to get attention. It is a different thing to do and it makes them feel important. No matter what people may say to them they cannot stop it. It can get like an addiction for them. The cat is fulfilling a deep seated need. They are most probably misreading the actual relationship that is there with the cat.

      Sometimes it is not even that the cat is a pet. "

      Sound familiar?

      Ferrets should be outlawed? Good thing you were not around to convince the first people who domesticated cats.

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