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Red Blood Parrot Cichlid: The Comedian Of Tropical Aquarium Fish

Updated on October 13, 2011

The enchanting yet comical Red Blood Parrot Cichlid is a joy to behold. These delightful Cichlids have unique personalities, and make great pets. Blood Parrots can be taught simple tricks. This personable fish loves to eat food from your fingers, and can be persuaded to jump out of the water a few inches to reach the tasty treat. Parrot Cichlids will tolerate light petting. Much care should be given to not injure the fish. It’s not unusual for this delightful fish to greet you at the front of the tank. They seem to beg for their meal of flake food and other treats. These fish love to eat, and should not be overfed. If an individual Parrot Cichlid has a smaller mouth, then the flake food should be crushed into small pieces to insure that the Parrot Cichlid can eat easily. Most Parrot Cichlids do not shy away from people, and will readily follow your finger tips against the tank glass. Some Blood Parrot Cichlids are social butterflies and love attention. Others are cautious about people watching them swim about the aquarium.

An adorable Red Blood Parrot Cichlid
An adorable Red Blood Parrot Cichlid | Source

Unique Beauty

Each Blood Parrot is unique in temperament and appearance. In general the Blood Parrot Cichlid is a compact fish, and displays sprightly action. This fish has a beak shaped mouth. For that reason this fish is named the Blood Parrot Cichlid. Blood Parrot Cichlids only have the ability to lightly nibble your fingers due to their beak shaped mouths. Whereas the Oscar Cichlid and Convict Cichlid bite more aggressively. Some people disagree with keeping these fish due to their unique appearance. Those people call the Parrot Cichlid “ugly” or “mutant” because of their odd shaped mouths. Blood Parrot Cichlid lovers adore these fish for their unique beauty.

A pair of Parrots
A pair of Parrots | Source

Buyer Beware

These distinctive fish come in varying shades of orange. Prospective owners should be aware that the “Jellybean Blood Parrot Cichlid” has in fact been artificially dyed. Jellybeans can be seen in blues, greens, pinks, purples and every other color imagined. This is unethical, and causes the fish to live an unhealthy life. These dyed Parrots live shortened life spans, and often get sick easily. Some Blood Parrot Cichlids have also been tattooed. Trendy tattoos such as hearts for Valentine's Day, and colorful patterns often lure prospective fish keepers into buying these injured fish. Like the “Jellybean Blood Parrot Cichlid”, tattooed fish live shorter life spans, and are often unhealthy. It’s simply not worth buying a tattooed or dyed fish of any species. Over sized Blood Parrot Cichlids that are bright red are also a misconception. This fish is known as the “King Kong Blood Parrot Cichlid”. It has also been seen that some Red Blood Parrot Cichlids have had their tail and fins trimmed. Caution should be used when buying Parrots to be sure of not attaining the dyed, tattooed, oversized or mutilated fish.

The Origin Of The Blood Parrot Cichlid

The origin of the Blood Parrot Cichlid is of much speculation. Perhaps this fish is of an accidental cross from a Severum Cichlid to a Red Devil Cichlid. The exact heritage is unknown. For that very reason this fish does not have a Scientific Name. Blood Parrot Cichlids are not found in nature, and should never be released into lakes, rivers or ponds. Male Parrot Cichlids are known to be sterile and can not reproduce. However, females can produce eggs.

Gold Severum
Gold Severum | Source
Red Devil Cichlid
Red Devil Cichlid | Source

The Intriguing and Interesting Blood Parrot Cichild

Life with Blood Parrot Cichlids is never boring. These highly trainable fish have flamboyant personalities and love attention. Fans of the Parrot Cichlid all agree that this quirky fish will be treasured for generations.


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    • profile image

      Chriss 14 months ago

      My blood parrot has gotten huge and is now tank king. I need to wear l9ng aquarium gloves because mine draws blood as well. He also attacks the algae magnet and anything foreign. I love my parrots and have had them for 7 years. Given ample space, care and varied diet they grow exceptionally large. Quite lovely. Large personalities.

    • profile image

      fishgirl 4 years ago

      I wouldn't say nibble....1 of ours has bit my husband and drawn

    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 6 years ago from Texas

      These guys look like fun little fish to have. But don't tempt me, please! It's hard to believe that someone would tattoo a fish. The scales would make that so difficult to do. And if they took the scales off to do it ... injury. so sad.