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Red Wiggler Worms as Food for Pets

Updated on January 9, 2011

Did you know that feeding Red Wiggler worms to your pets is just one of the many benefits that you have?  If you are used to reading articles regarding worm composting with the use of Red worms, this time, you’ll be introduced to their other side.

Today, Red Wiggler worms are acclaimed to be next to Night Crawlers when it comes to fishing baits.  Feeding Red Wiggler worms to pets such as fishes is becoming popular.  Their special charisma in luring fishes is their advantage.  What makes them even more irresistible is the way they wiggle inside the water as fishes are tempted with living baits.  Their ability to remain breathing for at least 5 minutes even after being placed in the hook is another plus factor. If you will also consider the supply of the worm, it is always available as it is used not just by fishermen but by worm composters and other pet lovers.

Moreover, Red Wiggler worms is beginning to establish its name as pet food to animals such as birds, salamander, turtles, koi, snakes, lizards, chicken, duck and frogs.  We know that these worms are rich in protein thus pets love to feed on them.  As with the frogs, they also love to feed on living or moving things.  The size of the Red Wiggler worms is also suitable because they are small enough to be accommodated by the frogs.

So whether you are into worm composting, fishing or if you are simply taking care of your pets, Red Wiggler worms as food for animals may be considered.  Just remember that these worms are not good in just one aspect.  Like human, they can multi task and provide you the necessary benefits that you may need.


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      buying worms wholesale 7 years ago

      Nice hub on Red Wigglers! Do you have an idea on how pungent the red wiggler's secretion is?