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Remembering Animals of the Past and Present

Updated on February 18, 2023
HubMob Team Graphic
HubMob Team Graphic | Source

Animals Past and Present

This weeks HubMob is All About Animals; so I decided to look at Animals I like from different eras in History from the prehistoric dinosaur times right up to present animals we see in the world today. This hub will include my favourite Dinosaurs right up to modern animals of today that hold a fond place in my heart. I wanted to show a little of the old and new alongside each other in one place. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about my choices of Animals.

Dinosaurs and Dodos

Diplodocus Dinosaur rearing in a painting by Charles Knight
Diplodocus Dinosaur rearing in a painting by Charles Knight | Source
Dodo reconstruction at Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Dodo reconstruction at Oxford University Museum of Natural History | Source

Animals of the Past

One of the Animal eras most children learn about at some stage of their school education is the time of the Dinosaurs (Jurassic Period). As a child I always found the Diplodocus interesting. So what did I learn about the Diplodocus at school? Well here are a few basic facts to teach you something about my favourite dinosaur.

  1. The Diplodocus was a herbivore (only ate plants)
  2. It's nostrils were unusually placed on top of it's head
  3. It's front legs were shorter than it's back legs
  4. Diplodocus means "Double Beamed" in reference to it's unusual shaped tailbones.
  5. The Diplodocus was approximately 90ft long and weighed between 10 and 20 tons

Another now extinct animal that interested me was the Dodo. So here are a few facts about the Dodo Bird.

  1. The dodo lived on the island of Mauritius until the late 17th Century.
  2. The dodo was a flightless bird that nested on the ground.
  3. The dodo as estimated to be a metre tall and around 20kg in weight.
  4. Their diet consisted of Fruit, Seeds and Nuts.
  5. The name dodo is believed to come from the Portuguese "doudo" meaning "simpleton" this is probably because the dodo bird showed no fear of human settlers and was easy to catch.

Favourite Modern Day Animals

Giraffe at South Lakes Zoo, Cumbria, UK
Giraffe at South Lakes Zoo, Cumbria, UK
Penguin at South Lakes Zoo, Cumbria, UK
Penguin at South Lakes Zoo, Cumbria, UK

Animals of the Present

Well somewhat coincidentally my favourite modern day animals from the zoo life I have visited growing up follow the long necked theme of the dinosaur and the flightless bird theme of the dodo!!

The modern day animals I have chosen for this hub are the Giraffe and the Penguin. Here are a few facts about each animal in turn.

The Giraffe

  1. The giraffe life span is between 20 and 25 years.
  2. The giraffe rarely lays down; it gives birth in a standing position and only ever gives birth to one calf at a time.
  3. The giraffe sleeps for between 5 and 30 minutes in each 24hr period it also sleeps standing up.
  4. The giraffe measures approximately 6ft when newborn; adults growing up to 18ft tall
  5. The giraffe has a huge heart weighing 26lb this helps regulate their blood pressure to stop them fainting when lifting their head from ground level.

The Penguin

  1. Penguins can swim at an average speed of 15mph.
  2. Penguins mates for life.
  3. The male Penguins takes care of the chicks.
  4. The Penguin can hold it's breath under water for about 20 minutes at a time.
  5. The Penguin waddles when walking but can walk faster than a human.


My Type of Dog

Jack Russell Dog
Jack Russell Dog | Source

My Favourite Animal Memories

The last animal I am going to mention in this Hub is the dearest animal in my memories of past animals; and that is my first pet who was a Jack Russell Dog by the name of Nosey.

When I look back at childhood photos of myself as a toddler more than 75% of the pictures had my best friend in them Nosey went everywhere with me. Unfortunately I dont have pictures of Nosey on the computer so I have found a similar image from Wikimedia Commons.

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